My system, Audio Physic Virgo, Z systems rdp 1 preamp, Meridian front end, cardas. Great boverall sound but cymbals are short in duration and not shimmery, what can you recommend? cable change, addition of a tubed pre amp. please advise thanks, bob
I know what you are looking for! I had not really heard CYMBALS!!! in my system until very recently either. My system: Genesis 200, Mark Levinson 33, 32, 30.6, Genesis Digital Lens + CEC TL-0. You can definitely benefit from getting rid of the Z systems preamp & replacing it with a decent tube unit. I have owned the Z systems as well. They are very impressive initially, but you will notice their flaws (and they have quite a few!) in time. You should also consider adding a Genesis Digital Lens. This will enhance every attribute of your system, including better shimmering highs. The piƩce de resistence is adding NBS Monitor Cables for your sytem. If you want natural, shimmering highs without noise NBS is the ultimate. I am currently using their Monitor 0 cables in all my system. I did own Nordost SPM & Quattrofil, MIT Proline CVT Terminator 1000 & a few other mega buck cables. Nothing that I have heard to this date can even get half way close to the NBS cables. If you need more information or if you want to chat, you can contact me at
hi would recommend a CAT pre or even a sonic frontier SFL2. try cables like XLO signatures. if u biwire, try using an xlo jumper and save a pair of speaker cables. these changes on my system made the highs wonderful and then listen to "house of the rising sun" from either the opus test cd 4.1 or Eric Bibb/Cyndee Peteres opus cd. current user of Teac tpt, Jadis DAC, SFL2 pre, Manley power and Sonus Faber Guaneri speakers.