HELP -- 20ft optical connection okay?

This may be a silly question, but, I have about a 20-25foot distance from my transport to my DAC. The transport (Oracle) sits on an antique chest quite far from the rest of my equipment. I think this situation is okay given the nature of optical cable; however, I am far from an expert and would appreciate any insight as well as suggestions for brands. Thanks, Sean.
I would recommend moving your transport closer to your DAC and using a coaxial digital cable. I have tried an optical cable with my MSB Link DAC and couldn't stand it. Otherwise, if you have to be that far away from the DAC, then I guess optic would be preferred as coax digital cables are recommended to be as short as possible. You are going to compromise sound quality either way at that distance IMHO. Dan
You should check out They sell an anti jitter device (pro version) which is spec'd to drive coax runs upto 1000 ft. The advantage is a cleaner signal and a cleaner regenerated clock signal. I, at one time used two cascaded together with great results. The only reason I don't now is because I went to a one box player. Regards, Mike PS>they are very inexpensive (although this is relative, if you have a Oracle unit, then I feel safe with the statement concerning expense)
I have ran 25' feet of optical cable on (ST) connector. This has been ran from Theta equipment. With the AT&T option. I have found no degregation in sound. I guess it depends on the equipment. I have cables that you can try, if you don't like them send them back for a refund. Also the ST is rated in kilometers - the toslink is only rated in meters and is not very good from what I hear.