HELP... 2 yr. old pushed in the dust cover

I tried the vacuum-cleaner suction trick, in 2 or 3 differant iterations, but the suction is inadequate to pull out the center convex dustcover part of the 6" Dynaudio driver. I tried taking the driver out, but the affected part of the driver is not acessable from the back. Thinking of trying duct tape, then carefully removing any adhesive residue with appropriate solvent. I'm hoping someone has an easy fix for this!
Can you get compressed air behind the driver?

I had that problem a while back. I was able to pull the center out by using a product like BLUE TACK, which is a tacky/sticky clay like substance. I stuck some of the Blue Tack to the dust cover and I was able to reshape the dust cover, by pulling on the Blue Tack; I had to do this process several times. Good Luck.
Scotch Tape works fine. You may want to reduce its tackiness by first applying it to a clean hard surface. Do not attempt to use any solvent to remove the adhesive from the driver. It is better left there as the risk of damaging the driver is always present
You can get the breast pump(for breast-feeding women) and suck the bow outside no residue will be left if you succeed.
Try using something less sticky than Duct tape first.
The duct tape worked. Interestingly, given the stiffness of the driver material, it only worked when done with a quick (but tentative) yank. Pulling slowly just pulled the tape off. No visible adhesive residue. No apparent ill affects to my cherished cones. Thank you all very much for your input.
Tvc15 ( great moniker by the way. I take it that you are a fan of the "thin white duke" ??? ),

Now that you were able to correct that problem, what will you do to keep it from happening again ? Just curious as to what you folks with rug-rats do in a situation like this ? Sean

PS... While i know that this is not the Asylum, please try and keep the "sick & twisted" comments / suggestions to a minimum : )
Hey Sean,
I do have the same problem with 2 y.o. boy and the same Dynaudio 6" drivers(only on Totem Forests).
I just use grilles that I've ordered from Totem for that specific purpouse. I know that I compromise to my listening while my kid is running arround but sometimes I can take them off and I'm glad. The grilles prevent the driver being pushed too far.
When I see him tapping on the driver or the grill I can stop him just by saying so and he obeys. Keeping your kid away from your rig will only make things even worse. I have to admit that I'm getting tired to remind him but I'm not frustrated and I know that he will know what is allowed and what is not.
My circumstances are a bit unique. Lets just say, you learn real quick to get your priorities in order.
I agree with letting your kids play around the system. I exercised a great deal of patience with my son when he was a toddler and curious about all my toys.

By the time he was tall enough to reach the Basis turntable he had been taught that care was required in cuing the Graham tonearm and Benz cartridge onto the LP.

I felt the blood rush from my face on more than one occasion as he laughed with delight at his ability to make music come from my big Soundlabs. Making a game out of learning and being taught so early, he has yet to damage anything. A much better record than the cat.

Now that John is 16, he not only collects music he plays as well. He has two guitars and records and edits on the computer.

Music is to share, don't forget to share with those who you love most.
A vasectomy might be a good investment for those of us who have not yet spawned. Hmmm.