I have a Rotel 1572 integrated amp and B&W 603 speakers. I am unhappy with vocals in all genres. Too much sibilance! Sources are a Cambridge CD transport, a Rotel RCD 1572 CD player, both are running through a Denafrips Ares II DAC. My turntable setup is ok but not great, sounds better than both CD sources. I am about to give up and start over. Any advice out there?


Sorry to hear that. I’m not a fan of Rotel amplifiers in general, they always seemed bright. B and W’s are fine speakers, I would try another amplifier.

It’s interesting in that both companies are or were under the same ownership. 

One would think those products may be synergistic.

I would by a few Akiko Audio Tuning Sticks (XLR/RCA) and try plugging them into various components.

I had one too. I listened to a lot of music. But there were no such problems. Recently I found a website There's a huge library of songs for video games. Now I listen to music through another audio system. 

Go to a dealer and try to find something that sounds good to you.  Tell them the issues you are having with your system and they may be able to assist you. 


Many years ago, I had a Rotel amp + Rotel CDP + B&W speakers. 

This was a very fatiguing system for my tastes-- I didn't hang onto it for long.   

Can you perhaps borrow a different transport/cdp and amp from a friend and try each in your system?  Without being able to isolate which component is producing the sibilance, it'll be difficult to remedy. 


Of course, the sibilance is in the recordings but something is exaggerating it. 

I am clearly biased with the selections I will provided but in all honesty I had been on the gear merry go round for years. While I have the Linn Selekt DSM and an almost full spec LP12 these could be a good way into the world of Linn. BTW, any LP12 you buy can become a full spec LP12 at any time. Very upgradable. 

My amp is a McIntosh MC150 with Dynaudio Special 25 speakers. I have never been happier with my system. Give Linn a try if yo can or at least a listen. Also do not be afraid to pay a bit more so you are not selling and buying stuff over and over again. 






Get rid of those speakers and look into one of those that jjss49 suggested and I think your problem will disappear.