I have mcintosh pre-amp 275 with Martin Logan montis speakers need help setting up. [email protected]
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Thanks for nothing. I set it up and it sounds amazing 
"Thanks for nothing?"  Try asking for help during normal hours and not at 1am.
Terribly sorry no one got back to you within the two hours you posted in the middle of the night. How selfish of everyone.

I actually figured out all the cables and I’m waiting for tomorrow to actually rock. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a system like this. These Martin Logan Montis speakers are unbelievable. I’ve heard live music all over the world. This McIntosh and Martin Logan Montis system is like starting all over
I have to reconfigure my living area for this stereo system. I was thinking about selling everything, the problem is now I’ve listened to the system and now I can’t sell it. I’ve never heard music more perfect. 
I would still like to talk about how to make this system sound perfect 
John, it sounds like you’ve got some terrific gear and it’s great that you are really enjoying it and seeking advice on how to improve the experience. But, you might want to lay off on comments like your "Thanks for nothing." Pretty sure it’s gonna turn off a lot of folks who would normally be happy to help. When you thank people for nothing, that's exactly what you're going to get.
Be careful. First you start off with footers. Before you know it you’re trying the harder stuff. 🤗
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Geoffkait, I started out on burgandy
but soon I Hit the harder stuff.  Thanks to B Dylan
My suggestion given your equipment is that you have a great boat anchor in your Mac so go to your local marina and offer it to someone who needs a dingy anchor.  On those speakers, burn them for warmth and go buy something that is somewhat related to music.

Hope that "helps."
Told ya. You set the precedent...
When your first response is "thanks for nothing", you get what ya get.
Many people think that MLs pair well with tubes in general and with the Mac 275 in particular. Other people think that MLs do better with more power, most likely solid state power. I think if you could borrow a solid state muscle amp you could decide which is better for you pretty easily.

My experience with MLs is that I had a pair of Summit Xs and a Pass XA 30.8 driving them. The Pass put out about 90 watts into 8 ohms, so it had some power. I thought the sound was very good but wanted to see what more power could do as the MLs do like power. I bought a D’Agostino Classic Stereo which put out 300 watts into 8 ohms and 1000 watts into 2 ohms, according to Stereophile measurements.

The speakers really came alive with the additional power. They sounded much clearer and cleaner, just all around better. I never did listen to them with tubes, though, so I can’t comment on tubes. I would recommend trying a more powerful amp, though.