Help ?

hi there
hope you are all well
I have an MC-6 and Wilson Watt 3/2.
recently I seem to have lost all my midrange info and all the highs sound distorted and raspy. I have eliminated the front end as the problem and since I don't have another amp or speakers fear that it has to be one or the other. I have tried the amp into the watt only{ eliminating the crossover} and the same problem continues. Obviously another amp or pair of speakers will help to pinpoint the problem but I wondered if you have any suggestions. I did not have any obvious event that could have caused the problem.
any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
best regards
Likely your amp has crapped out.

You can use almost any old speaker to try on the amp -
including some from a store with a return policy. Conversely, you could buy a cheap receiver, and gently turn up the power and see if you fried the speakers too.

Assuming you check the store's return policy is for cash.

If you have no test equipment at all, and don't know anyone with some, the only thing you can try is to gently try the speakers or the amp with another amp or speaker, respectively.

I'd try to find some help locally... other hobbyists or a local hifi store...

Bear has a good idea...
Take the amp to a dealership & see how it sounds in their demo system. If you need repair or replacement, no doubt the shop will have some suggestions of which you may or may not wish to avail yourself.
Sounds like your tweeters are blown.