Hello - Need Help Please

Hello all - I am hoping that some of you can help me. I want to put together a small system for my bedroom where I unfortunately spend a lot of time due to illness. The room is small, approximately 12x12. I will be using my iPad through apple tv as a source. I mainly listen to spotify these days as my house was robbed quite awhile back and I was completely cleaned out of anything of value including my cd and vinyl collection along with my computer and the high resolution audio files that were on it.

I was into car audio for quite some time and got into the higher end of things. I know what sound I am looking for I just can not physically go to a bunch of shops and listen to gear. My last car ended up with Focal components on the recommendation of my dealer after resisting for quite some time as the Internet community at the time labelled them as too bright and harsh, which I did not find at all. I really liked the Focals due to their dynamics. Other manufactures speakers that I tried, Dynaudio, Morel, Scanspeak and some others were just too laid back in their presentation for the music I listen to which is primarily rock and electronic music. I do listen to some more acoustic and vocal based music, which the Dyns and Scans excelled at, so I do want a more rounded speaker.

The gear I need is either an intergrated amp or receiver with digital input for the apple tv. A sub out would be preferred as a plan to add one latter. I also need stand mounted speakers as I need them high enough off the ground so I can listen to them while in bed.

So if you are still with me this is what I have in mind and need some opinions on. I don't want to spend any more than two grand on gear right now.

Either an HK 3490 receiver or an Onkyo A-5VL Integrated Amplifier. Both have a digital in with the HK having quite a bit more power. Power should not be an issue though with the Onkyo if I pick the right speakers that are on the sensitive side. A nice headphone out would be a big plus.

Speakers I have been considering are the Focal Chorus 807V and 807W, Monitor Audio Silver RX2, KEF Q300 and LS50, PSB Imagine B, and the B&W CM5.

Any guidance you could provide would be great. Maybe I could narrow my choices down and make it out to listen to a little equipment or find on online retailer with an awesome return policy which would actually be best.

Thanks, Shawn
The only piece of equipment you're considering that I have any experience with is the Onkyo A-5VL. I bought one for a simple system for one of my daughters and am impressed with it. It sounds great, at least with the right speakers, the build quality is excellent and it's a very compact, nice-looking piece.

She's using it with a pair of Cambridge Audio S30 speakers and a Macbook as a source through the optical digital output connected to the Onkyo. The only other speakers I tried it with are a pair of Soliloquy SAT5's I've had for awhile. Very enjoyable and a good match with the Onkyo but out of production and impossible to find.
peachtree nova (around $500 used) would fit your needs and will likely have a better quality dac than the amps you're considering. you might also look at a dac with volume control + seperate power amp. the emotiva xda2 is well regarded and they have liberal trial policy.
the only suggestion i cqn make is the mini magnepan speakers, at around $1700, and find a decent tube integrated amp, such as the jolida.
Thanks for the responses thus far. I came across a Wadia 151 PowerDac Mini for $500. 00. Seems like a good deal if I could find the right speakers.
what's wrong with a Tivoli system? They have everything you would need for that size room as long as you don't want to blast the windows out. And are so tiny that their almost invisible. Enjoy the music!
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If you are looking kefs I have listened to the two you had mentioned. I preferred the R300 over both. It is a 3 way and has better bottom end extension, more refined than q300 and great open sound like the ls50 with out being over analytical.
Just picked up a new HK3490 for $299.00 shipped, pretty happy with that. And to answer a previous poster, I am using a Tivoli as my computer speakers actually. Pretty good for what it is. I just want more sound than it provides.
HK 3490 - one of the great bargins in audio.
So I ordered a pair of the Monitor Audio Silver RX1's, but I am considering cancelling the order because I can get a pair of Dynaudio Excite 12's for a real good price.