Hello, FM experts: What's the best type of outdoor antenna for my location?

I'm looking to purchase a dedicated FM antenna, but they are becoming scarce. I want to match the best type to my location, but from what I have read, I seem to be in-between types for where I am. I live about six miles east of the Front Range mountains of Colorado. The main source for stations, is Denver, that's about 30 miles south by southeast, so no mountains in the way. Instead, there are rolling plains between me and the stations, so not flat.

I was thinking about getting a multi-element Yagi type with a rotor, but I don't have true line of sight, and there is a small cluster of trees on my property line and to the south, as I'm in a development.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Kenny

FM antennas are slim pickins nowadays. It looks like the FM 6 will do the trick!
Thanks, yogiboy.

That would be a possibility for a Yagi type, but the FM6 has been discontinued, so even slimmer pickins. I'm considering the Rescue Electronics FM-LP8 that is available, but I'm not sure if a Yagi is best for my location?

After an exhaustive search, this is the only FM antenna I could find currently for sale. It's working well for me. Your trees shouldn't be an issue.
MCM also sells rotors and other antenna mounting accessories. Their customer service is excellent.

Thanks vinyvalet,

Looks like a nice product and very affordable!

I have explored yogiboy's recommendation about the Rescue Electronics LP-8 (U.S.A.), and have been in contact with Paul the manufacturer. This looks like one seriously rugged design with good looking specs. And, Paul has provided me with some quality information. Where I live, we have these Chinook winds, that can gust over 100mph. This antenna is pricey, however. I'm going to continue to explore the LP-8. There are also a number of directional antennas still being made in Great Britain, but they're pricey and especially pricey to ship.