Helix or Alpha

I owned a Hydra 8 should I look for a Helix or Alpha version power cord for my CD player? Thank in advance!
The question you should be asking is Alpha or Vx. Helix is Shunyata's latest version of cords, it comes in two flavors, the Helix Vx version has the FESI-1000 noise reduction granules, and is recommended for digital applications. The Helix Alpha version does not have the FESI-1000 and is recommended for amps, preamps and PLC's. So according to Shunyata's website, you would be looking for a Helix Vx for your CD player, or a Helix Alpha for your amp.

Shunyata really needs to do a better job of explaining this, as it does confuse so many folks.

Whether you apply a VX or alpha to your CD player will depend on the player. The VX was developed at a time that many CDps were extremely sensitive to hash on electric lines that tended to yield some harshness in the player. This is likely somewhat less of a problem today than it was in the past. I have found the Alpha version of the Anaconda Helix significantly preferable than the VX version for my TEAC Esoteric X-01 Limited. The VX tended to do a slight 'caramelization' of the music, but paradoxically was causing some undue harshness in some tracks. I have written on this subject in some detail in a thread called "A tale of two. . . Anacondas Helix". See the following link:
I just noticed you own a Hydra 8, which already contains the FeSi filter pellets. In this case I would definitely use an Alpha on your CDp. . . the VX would add more FeSi sideeffects.
It's also very important to run a good powercord between the wall and Hydra. What powercord are you using on your Hydra 8 between wall and Hydra now? I have an original Shunyata Hydra and I'm running a Shuyata Anaconda Helix Alpha powercord between the wall and Hydra. It's a great combination. It sounds wonderful. The combination added more texture, clarity, speed, dynamics and space between instruments. The soundstage is improved as well. If you're in doubt about what direction to go, you could always borrow a couple Shunyata Alpha and Vx model powercords through the Cable Company. Stan
I can say this about the Alpha series (not Helix) versus the Helix newer series. THe Helix series is more refined and very smooth but the soundstage is more middle row compared to the Alpha (non Helix). I didnt like it in my system and sold it. I had the Python Helix. Other than that I loved it.
If you have a chance to try both, it may be worth the time to do a comparison. I'm not sure there is a pat answer and suggest it depends on what works best with your CD player. From both a Hydra 8 and a Hydra V-Ray, I tried the Python Helix Alpha and Python Helix VX on my Ayre C-5xe and prefer the Helix Alpha.
Helix Alpha, but like talon4 said, make sure the cord from outlet to hydra 8 is atleast as good as the cords to the equipment. I have python helix alpha's and love them.

Thanks guys appreciated all your help! I'm using VD Nite II for my Hydra 8 should I change this to the Shunyata cables? If so, which is the best model?
What is the rest of your system? It's difficult to say apriori if a Helix Anaconda Alpha will benefit your Hydra over the VD. . . You may need to try things out. An other very good PC is the Purist Anniversary, priced similarly to the Anaconda. But there are other perfectly good PCs. Why don't you call the Cable Company, ask them for several suggestions, and try out a few different PCs on your own system? G.
The Anaconda is the best but the Python Helix almost gets you there. It is the best value in the Shunyata lineup. Still expensive IMO but a good one. You should be able to get one used for $700-$775? I would not hesitate to get one. The Shunyata powercords were made for the Hydra's.

The supply cord always gives the rest of the system most of its sonic signature.
Very true, the Python helix is surprisingly close to the performance of the Anaconda Helix. G.
Python Helix all the way, I say for hydra and cdp for sure. I'd put one on amp to and if budget is a concern put the diamond back on the pre. Just reccomendations not knowing your system. This is what I did at first now I have python helix on all and have too many cords, good news got a new system on the way, bad news now I need some 20 amp cords and most of mine are 15 amp.