Helix Alpha Python compared to Black Mamba CX

I am looking for a a cable to use for my dac and I wondered if anyone had experience with both cables. I can get the two for roughly the same cost the mamba bew and the Python used. I also wonder what per centage of Python CX the Black mamba CX is
grant has compared the cx (mamba) is close to the python cx,but he said at the prices of the used python is still a killer deal.He didnt say which he would lean to?
I have compared both and liked the CX better on all pieces (DAC, transport, amp) that I compared them on. More immediate, better microdynamics, lack of shouty upper midrange that helix series seem to have. The Python Helix will give you slightly more bass slam.

I also have extensively compared both the Black Mamba CX and Black Mamba HC CX to the Python CX and the Python CX murders either of them, much to my dismay. I'd say the HC is maybe 70% of the Python and the non-HC is 50%?