Helix Alpha Python compared to Black Mamba CX

I am looking for a a cable to use for my dac and I wondered if anyone had experience with both cables. I can get the two for roughly the same cost the mamba bew and the Python used. I also wonder what per centage of Python CX the Black mamba CX is
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I'm very sympathetic to your question, however, don't expect a response,,, that has been my experience. This is really one of those issues where YOU have to make the comparison based on you're own knowledge and expense>
Gulinias, my feeling is that there's is not going to be a dramatic difference between the cables. I've got Ananconda and Python Helix in my setup including a ananconda CX for use on my V-Ray II. My advise would be to look at your priorities and budget. If you've got a limited budget and your power cord on the transport or amps have yet to be upgraded I might go with the Python Helix option instead. If you've already got decent power cords than go with the new CX series.
The rule number 1 is mentioned by Slaw - YOU have to make the comparison - and it all depends on your TASTE and your SYSTEM.

But who said you can not use experience of other members..?

Just yesterday I did a shout-out of 5 power cables, coincidence or not - but mainly on my DAC (AN Tube dac).

While they were not Black Mambas or Pythons, the participants were: Shunyata Diamondback, Copperhead, Taipan Helix Alpha, Kimber PK14, Kimber PK10.

These all cables, exept probably Diamondback (which proved just what it had to prove for the price: just lower noise floor a bit, tigten bass, and pretty much thats it), made quite big changes to the sound.

If you want specific descriptions what changes what cable brought, please write me a message, because i will go now srtaight to the point: the clear winner for my taste was ( probably the cheapest cord in the group!) - KIMBER PK14 - its and amazing power cable to put specifically on DAC.

Strenghts: WIDE soundstage with ACCURATE/PRECISE imaging, CLEARNESS and DETAIL on everything: VOCALS, INSTRUMENTS; back instruments are no more forgotten : you can nicely follow the RYTHM. NICE STRINGS!!

Taipan Helix Alpha also was nice. With very interesting and enjoyable, sort of "hi-end taste" timbres.

I was thinking what if Taipan cost was same as Kimbers PK14.. what would I take.. I think I will still stick to Kimber - thats how good it was!