Helius tonearm users, what have you upgraded to?

I know Helius is a niche brand, where does its top model (Omega) stand in the sea of tonearms?

And if you had used its top model, what have you moved on to?

I have not heard a Helius tonearm (although I hear that they are great with my turntable, a Townshend Rock), but I just upgraded my tonearm from a Moerch DP-6 to their DP-8. And wow. What a great improvement. That DP-8 is a killer arm. Well worth trying to listen to. And if you are in the US, Mehran at Sorasound is fabulous to deal with.
I am using both an omega and an aurora. Both are excellent, as good or better than my sme345 and IV. I would buy the omega ruby if one becomes available at a good price
Hi Manitunc,
I have a Kuzma 4 point arm and I am thinking of getting an Omega (Ruby) as a second arm, but I know Helius is rare in the market. So i wonder how it performs.

Is the armbase mount a Helius own proprietary geometry?
the Helius Omega and Aurora have a larger pillar so the hole in the armboard needs to be larger. As for the geometry, it depends on whether you get a 9 or 10 inch arm. My Omega is 9" and my Aurora is 10" with replaceable headshells. but I havent found anthing unusual about mounting either. I think the Ruby is a great arm, especially for the price. the 4 ball pivot just makes sense, and is very stable but with little friction.
There's articles in both HiFi World, and also an article in the Absolute Sound that places it above many well known arms like the SME's and Grahams. It does not have VTA adjustment on the fly. I've ordered one with silicon nitride bearings, and adjustable azimuth
I had a Helius Orion... the very worst component I ever had (and have had lots). The bearings were in constant need of adjustment (back to England). It was very expensive, and a terrible experience. The new ones may be different, but I won't go near it. There are sooooo many good arms around....why would you want a Helius.
Because its a very good arm, and with the Aurora, one of the few with replaceable headshells. The Omega and Aurora are nothing like the Helius Orion which I also owned at one time. They are easily the equal of my SME, VPI, Basis and other arms I have owned and used.
Hi Bdp24 -- check with Manitunc -- he had both a Helius Omega and an Aurora listed for sale on VinylEngine Classifieds.
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I have a new Helius Aurora with silver litz cable for sale on eBay UK. Only sell due to small infant in the house now, It is nybagt the Best sounding single element of my entire system. I mounted it on my Pink Triangle turntable where it replaced an old Helius Scorpio. I could not believe how much more quality from my Benz Micro was now extracted and the ‘blackness’ around instruments and bass dynamics so much improved.