Helius tonearm

I am interested in learning of any person's with knowledge and/or experience of the Helius Orion tonearm. It looks an awful lot like the Audio Note ARM3 and am wondering if this is the case.

Similar but not the same at all.
Hi. I just bought the one that Britaudio was selling here on audiogon. Peter Q at audionote recommeded that it'd be a better match for my Voyd Valdi TT than the SME V I just installed this past weekend - gonna try it out, and hopefully save a cpl of thousand bucks. Guy Adams (of Voyd) worked closely with Geoffery Owen (of Helius) when he built the tables, and there are supposed to be a "perfect match". Anyway, from what I can gather, the ARM3 is probably an extension of the Helius designs. Here's what he sez about the AN-1S tonearm:



Thanks for the info; I'd be interested in your findings on this unit once you've played with it a bit. What cartridge you using?

The cartridge (as well as the systems) are a work in progress. I had the Valdi/RB300 with a Monster SG2000II, and a Rega P3 with a Goldring Eroica. Then my maid broke the SG2000 needle by whacking it with a duster. So I bot a used Koetsu black off ebay, but it was too heavy for the Rb300. So I went looking for a Wilson Benesch tonearm to upgrade the Voyd, and ran into an SME V takeoff from a SME 30/2A, so I bought that, and just installed it. Finally tried the Koetsu, but it wont track, so its off for a rebuild. So, right now, I have an old but nice Vandenhul MC10 cartridge on it, which I *also* could not use with the Valdi/RB300 since the VTA was too low. The Koetsu and Monster are off to Expert Stylus Co for a rebuild. I'm trying to get used to the sound of the Vdh w/ SME, so when I get the Helius on, I'll be able to make sense of it. And THEN, I'll be trying that system against a Wilson Benesch TT. Will be keeping the winner. Learning about VTA and anti skating setup in the meantime. Pretty happy already tho - bass performance is SO much nicer than the RB300s.

Also in the process of upgrading the Rega Planet. Bot a Meridian 566.20 DAC, and also a NAIM CD5/Flatcap2. Will probably buy a Audionote CD system too. Try them all at home, keep one, then put the rest back on audiogon/ebay.

Sold the P3 and RB300 last week on ebay, along with a few spare cartridges..Did I mention the XLO and Kimber wires I've been buying?? My wife thinks I'm ignoring her and the kids, and is mad at me right now..
i have extendend experience with this arm.it plays with a VDH mc10 and is mounted on a pink triangle pt too TT in a friends house.excelent results.ithink betters sme V but not wilson benech act one which i own mounted on the same deck.