Helikon or Shelter 501/901 ?

It's time to upgrade from the Blue Point Special that I've been using for longer than I care to admit. I have a Well Tempered Classic Table & Arm. I'll never get to hear either the Helikon or Shelters in person before buying, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to achieve that "the musicians are in the room with you" goosebumps experience that good analog can make happen.
Also, does anyone have any experience or thoughts about
using a Tom Evans "the Groove" phono amp with the above Cartridges?
Thanks - David
Hello Dave,

I have an older (square motor) Well Tempered and I switched from the Helikon to the Shelter 901. I felt that the Helicon seemed faster and had tighter images. On the other hand I felt that the Shelter was smoother and had a better low end. I'm using a BAT P10 / ARC / ProAC system.

I was happy with both but prefer the Shelter.

Holy jump!
Nah. I went straight from a 25-year-old ADC XLM MkII to a Shelter 901. No baby steps, I'd never heard a MC before making that move. That was a Kierkegardian moment!

Davew, sorry for the hijack. I've never heard a Helikon so I could only repeat the experiences of others, which you can find with a little searching here or on VA.
Dear David: If you want the Shelter you have to go for the 90X: the 901 is a " hifi " sound cartridge, and if you like the Lyras then you have to go for the Titan ( I don't recomended the Helikon ).

My advise is that before you take a decision you must to take a look to the Sumiko Celebration, this is a great performer by any music sound reproduction standars.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I like them both but I think they're different. The 90x is a great step up, but, mot people seem to think the 901 and Helicon are comparable but differently flavored - also, your expereience seems dead on the money. uestion of tastes I guess.