Heifetz/Vieuxtemps - Motorcycle Sounds

Vieuxtemps Concerto No.5 in A minor op.37. What a recording, especially if you are in to motorbikes! During a FEW of the slow quiet passages where you are melting in your seat, dumfounded by how engaging this piece is, you are transported to an even higher level of contentment by the low level rumblings and then, hold on, acceleration through at least two gears of a motor bike that sounds very similar to a Harley. What a revelation combining the two together. I was convinced it was a Harley until I read where it was recorded. England! Now I'm wondering what English bike sounds so similar to a Harley. Maybe they exported a Harley over to England for these specific passages. At first I was listening to a Classic Records remaster of this performance. I thought that Classic Records included these sounds to bring the performance up to another level. In searching through my record collection it turns out I have the original recording as well which sounds exactly the same. Now I'm hooked on this combination. Are there any other recordings out there that have this collaboration?
Wow Byfo, that's cool, I have the "Classic" version and never noticed that, or maybe i did and thought it was outside of my listening room, i live downtown on a 2 lane highway, i'll listen for that, thanks. Could be a Harley, wasn't the recording done in the 50's? Harleys were getting popular over there, or maybe a rebiuld from WW2! Could also be a Vincent Black Shadow/Lightning/etc. or how about a Matchless w/ JAP[thats James a. Preston, not japanese, as you probably know]engine, or even a Morgan 3 wheeler that also used the JAP engine on the front bumper! I'll listen to see if i can guess-FUN, Thanks, Alan " potato-potato-potato-potato!"
Yes, a friend of mine mentioned that some of the Fritz Reiner CSO recordings when listening carefully through headphones sometimes a truck can be heard going by the RCA recording studio.