Heifetz' Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Classic Rec

I just recently purchased the Classic Records reissue of Hefetz performing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. I was disappointed to hear that many of orchestral climaxes in the recording are distorted. I'm wondering whether this distortion is inherent to the recording, or whether my cartridge isn't tracking properly. Any ideas?
Mwaller, I don't hear any distortion on my copy as played here. Two thoughts:

1) have you cleaned the record with Disc Doctor, AIVS, Walker Prelude or comparable cleaing fluids? (I've found this can make a difference on many of the RTI pressings.)

2) it may be cartridge alignment, tracking force or VTA not being high enough, as you suggest. Do you have other large orchestral 180-200 gram LPs to compare against?
Thanks for your message.
Yes, I do clean all of my records with an Orbitrac 2 and the supplied fluid (alcohol base?) I also use Gruv-Glide before the first playing.
Many of my older orchestral recordings have similar distortion that I had attributed to wear... perhaps its my cartridge??? I do have a force gauge on order, so I should be able to verify the tracking force soon.
Thanks again,
I own two LP copies: a glorious original with a few ticks and pops, and a somewhat compressed '70's reissue. Both defninitely distort on orchestral climaxes. I've always assumed that it was inherent in the recording.

The sound of the violin itself is pristine, glorious.

I own an original too, it proves that not all "shaded dogs" have that glorious silky string sound. I believe it's from '56? The sound is not what I would call "distorted," but there is a hardness in forte massed string passages. But oh, what a romp of a finale.
After some fiddling with my TT, the distortion is noticeably reduced. However, there is a steady hiss throughout the entire recording. Is this tape hiss inherent to the recording, or is this record surface noise?
MWallwer: it's from '56. I know of no other performance that is as hair-raising as the Heifetz/Reiner finale. Enjoy the music. : )
Jdaniel13...Try Oistrach.
Thanks Eldartford, tried two Oistrahk's but went back to Heifetz. (Though I can't recommend a MHS of father and son performing enough: very good Melodiya recording.) Will try them again tonite.
For what it's worth, I'm a big fan of Michael Rabin's performance. Rabin has a very different interpretation - far more romantic and less harried.