Hegel USB and ROON suport

Hi. I am reaching out to many of you that have more knowledge and experience with implementing digital audio systems in an effort to determine if there is a practical solution to the problems I am experiencing. Let me explain.

I have a system consisting of a Hegel integrated amplifier with an internal DAC. I stream music via Tidal and Qobuz through a Zenith SE MkII via USB output into the USB input on my amplifier. I have recently experienced two problems with this setup.

Problem #1 the USB ports between the server and the amplifier are not compatible, probably due to proprietary implementations by both manufacturers. I seemed toot being seen in R have resolved this by using an iFi USB Purifier3.

Problem #2 I have setup the Zenith SE as a ROON Core and player in the INNUOS OS. The problem I an experiencing is that the ROON software does not properly recognize the Hegel amp and results in the amp not being seen in the ROON software, or on occasion, it is recognized and does play for a minute to two before drop out and no longer able to play. 

I have contacted Hegel, Innuos and ROON regarding this problem and although they have not provided much clarity related to this problem, it seems to me that Hegel does not support ROON implementation via Linux OS as implemented in the Innuos Zenith MKII. 

Can anyone that has experienced this problem with the Hegel and Zenith and understands this issue offer a practical solution that will resolve this problem while preserving the highest sound quality.  To be clear, I would like to continue to use ROON but I am open to alternatives as well. Thanks for your help. 

Surprised to see no replies to your question. I dont have the equipment you listed and per your request can’t offer a potential remedy. 

I tried to find your request for help on the Roon Community forum but couldnt quite match your dilemma with any Roon/Innous/Hegel problems on that forum. 

Also surprised that the Roon folks haven’t stuck with you to get this fixed.  They are usually responsive.  Use the @support designation in your tech support request on the Roon Community Forum to get the attention of a Roon support tech.  

Good luck.  

Yes. I am working with Roon and they are responding. Also with Innuos whom have been incredibly responsive as well as Hegel. No yet fully understands the issue. I have attached a link on the Roon forum for someone else that has had similar experience. Cheers            https://community.roonlabs.com/t/hegel-hd30-dac-innuos-zen-mk-iii-roon-not-playing-together/56618
Hegel manufactures all their products in China.
Hegel does not make mention of manufacture overseas. Hegel presents itself as a company steeped in Norwegian tradition.
Hegel writes on the back of all their products “Hegel, Oslo, Norway”.
Most high end audio products reserve this space to put where the item was manufactured.
My JBL 4367 loudspeakers say manufactured in Mexico. 

The Hegel H590 has a list of $13.500 dollars. It is made in China.
D2girls - The OP’s question has nothing to do with the county the Hegel is manufactured in.
Sorry to hear about your problems. We are actually expecting an Innous box here before too long and will test it ourselves.

If you are the one that has been in contact with us by email, I know this case is being worked on.

Hegel Music system AS / Anders Ertzeid  
Anders, thanks for the update. Yes I am the person that has been in contact with Fredrik and Eileen regarding this problem. I hope you will be able to find a solution. Please keep me informed. Thank for your support. Bob Breda