Hegel Mohican vs. Bryston BCD-3

If anyone were looking for a single-box CD-player that qualified as a get-off-the-roundabout component, it seems to me that these two models would be high on their shortlist.  So my question is:

Has anybody been able to hear these two models side by side?

These are both excellent players however, with the emergence 
of high quality music streaming especially with MQA I would recommend that you look at a player with digital inputs so if you wish to try out a streaming service you can do so.

Unless you allready own a dac of course. 

We are recommending to our clients to digitize their libraries and use a streamer and you can get some awesome sound with all the modern convenience of modern streaming sources, access to brand new music fast and easily, and total ease of access with an Ipad or Android app.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I thought you only invaded Wilson sites to sell your wares. You are apparently an equal opportunity invader.
While there are tons of people who have given up on CD and moved on using digital files, I feel there is still a significant number of folks like me or OP who like the CD ritual. It is the same as the LP users.
A smartphone or tablet, is a huge distraction in a listening room. At some point in future, I will also have downloaded hi-rez music, but I am trying my best to stay away from smartphone/tablet/laptop use in the audio room. These best gadget turns into worst distractions in a listening room.
Of course, this is my view. 99.9% of the people may disagree.
Good question I am interested as well. I have only heard the Hegel once at a store and it was great in particular with the balanced outs. 

I would suggest to read carefully the warranty information as CD players can break. My impression is that Bryston has a very good record on warranties. Also it gets super good reviews. 

Keep us posted. 

Separately i appreciate audiotroys inputs on this forum. They disclose they are dealers what’s the big deal if they offer suggestions? 
Keep me posted- twoleftears
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“...99.9% of the people may disagree.”

I agree. I mean I agree that I disagree....
My iPad is no more a "distraction" in my listening room than is one of my other remote controls.  I use it to select music, then I set it down.  Having access to my entire digital library and the Tidal library via my tablet has transformed my listening experience.  Having said that, I also own the Bryston BCD-3.  It is an excellent red book player.  Despite the convenience and sound quality of streaming, I am not ready to give up my CD player.  I also have a turntable and still enjoy playing records.  I enjoy the choices I have and see no need to draw a line in the sand and start proclaiming what I will and will not allow in my listening room.

@audiotroy  This is one of the most common problems with Audiogon threads.  The OP asks a question that is framed in such a way that it has particular relevance to himself.  Along come the other posters and all too often the response is: (a) instead of components A and B, you should junk those two and really consider component C, or, worse (b) you've conceptualized the issue wrongly and should really be attacking it from this completely different perspective.

@audiotroy  I don't own a cell phone, and I use DSL for internet.  I do have 1000+ CDs.  How constructive is your post to the current discussion???

Thank you to @gpgr4blu  @milpai   @skoczylas et al.

Getting back to my original question, I don't suppose that there are many dealers in the US who carry both Hegel and Bryston, and I certainly don't suppose that I'll be lucky enough to walk through their doors, if one does exist, and find that they have the Mohican and the BCD-3 both on demo.  Hence the thread posing the question to the A'gon community.  As a more-than-contented owner of the BCD-1, I've been eyeing the '3 for a while, and as @skoczylas points out, warranty and long-term support weigh heavily in my deliberations.  Now the Mohican has come along with what would seem to be many similar design goals as the '3, and as all audiophiles would, I started wondering how different, if at all, the two would sound.

IMHO, if you are looking for your LAST cd player, I would look at the Esoteric.  There is an Esoteric UX-3  for sale here at around 1500.00.  That piece cost 8500.00 when new.  It uses one of the best transports in the world, the VRD NEO and also uses the Burr Brown pcm1704 R to R Ladder dac.  I own one of these machines and am actually thinking of purchasing the one here for a spare.  At 60 pounds, it is built better than a battleship.
Dedicated Audio in Arizona lists both players on their website...no connection to them....
Two left ears you miss my point entirely, I was not dissing either player, I was stating that you should consider a player that also has digital inputs so you can use a digital streaming service if you ever decide to do so.

As per not owning a cell phone that is your choice and DSL internet still doesn't mean that the internet is useless. 

The idea of my retort was to open your eyes to the possibility of having access to the future as well as the past. 

CD's are a dying medium it is true that there are still people making them but the reaility is that there is no future in a pure optical medium, hence the idea of a player with a digital input if you ever decide to use it at least you have it. 

As per both players we used to sell both brands. The Hegel is the better of the two brands in terms of overall performance. 

I would not touch an older Esoteric player as parts and service are sketchy.  You should look for a player with a computer rom based mechanisim as the computer industry is still using CD Rom drives as an option for some machines. 

Bryston's has a tweenty year warranty I would check on the digital I think it is three years and if possible purchase a back up mechanisim.

Hope that helps.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
All posters and dealers: please refrain from the phrase “ dying medium”. It insults all of us. Only car salesmen and other hustlers put a spin on something they wish you to drop and buy their new stuff and PRETEND they are just being helpful... Oh please !!
This is a hobbyist website and let’s keep it that way. If I want to play cds, still enjoy darkroom photography etc. then I will do so... I have been following Audiogon for over 15 years. It used to be a great gathering place for us until the hustlers and the trolls ruined it.
Well stated- goldenear1948
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There are billions of CDs in circulation and people are still going to be playing them.  I do think it’s true that the younger generations are much less interested in CD replay than people in my demographic are (60 in a few weeks).  My adult children and my coworkers in that age group use their phones as music sources. They may own a Blu Ray player but are happy using the TV speakers.  The ones that may want something better use Bluetooth speakers and sound bars.
  So I don’t blame enterprising dealers like @audiotroy for frequenting forums and trying to drum up business.  It isn’t just CD players that are endangered, it’s the whole hobby.  I can’t see millennials shelling out several thousand dollars for high end streamers when a cell phone or tablet or a PC will suffice 
I find my CD Player sounds better when I do not have a streamer connected to it's DAC...

Let's forget the comparison.

Has anyone even heard (or bought?!?!?) the Mohican?


I am interested in your original post (OP).  I have around 3000 CDs (and counting)  do not show any signs of stopping my groove.

I would like to read about those who own the BCD-1 and its comparison to the newer BCD-3.  Equally, the Hegel is receiving very positive reviews as well. This player is sourced, to some degree, to china. At this level and price-point, the biggest question is wether Bryston/Hegel will continue to offer parts and service (in 5-10 years)?

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no experience with the Mohican.
I do have the Bryston DAC-3 which I have read sounds quite a bit like the Bryston CDP.  It is a middle of the auditorium type sound, detailed without being overly clinical.  Decent soundstage depth and width without being holographic 
Hegel says they have a large stock of replacement parts...

@jafant There's a good deal of commentary on the BCD-3 over on Audio Circle.  A number of 1 owners have moved to the 3.  General verdict--same good qualities, but more so.  I'm also currently in this boat (as a BCD-1 owner; prefer this to Cambridge transport + Gungnir DAC which resides in the secondary system).

@jl35 Yes, that's what I read in the Absolute Sound review.  Still, Bryston have rock-solid support, so it's still a consideration, alongside the 1.5K difference.

Much Thanks! twoleftears

keep me posted if you get an audition w/ the BCD-3 spinner.
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Circling back around - twoleftears

I am curious to ask the panel if anyone owns or has auditioned the Hegel/Bryston spinner with Anthem gear?  Could the (3) brands exhibit synergy?
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I've made little progress on this front.

I'm finding it hard to believe that the Mohican has achieved much market penetration.  So far, I haven't stumbled over a single person on this site that owns it.

i do and its crazy good. Never he'd digital sound so smooth and warm with all the details .even when the music has several horns playing loud. Hegel CD player easily provides all the information with impeccable timing 

which spinner did you purchase-

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Thank You for sharing. The Mohican retails for $5K, while the Bryston retails for $3500.  Good to read that you bought one and are enjoying spinning those CDs.  Happy Listening!
The Bryston is revised in this months TAS.  



After it was revealed that the Mohican was based so closely on the much older Opera model, it made my choice even easier.  I currently own and enjoy the BCD-3--see my system.  The only other even rarer model I was interested in at that point was the Primare CD35.  Since then, one member bought a Primare and was very pleased.  Never been able to hear it myself.


At a certain point you've just got to stop agonizing and make a decision.  Once you've narrowed down the field, none of the options are bad.


Right On! I would like to demo the Primare CD32 & CD 35 as well.

The Mohican is off of my list as it is sourced, in part, to china.

Happy Listening!


"You should look for a player with a computer rom based mechanisim as the computer industry is still using CD Rom drives as an option for some machines".

So can you name some CD players and/or transports that are cd rom based?


FWIW, I have listened to a Bryston BCD2 and Hegel HD20 in my system.

The Bryston CD player sounded analytical, almost strident, in the highs. 

In comparison, the Hegel DAC was much smoother and natural sounding in my opinion.

My system at the time was PL Dialogue Premium, Coda CS and Theil CS5's.

I am not saying that the Bryston was bad; there just was no synergy with the rest of my gear.

Thanks for listening,