Hegel Integrateds: Anyone using the internal DAC?

Thinking about a used H70 integrated. I would like to know your thoughts on its internal DAC. Has anyone found the Hegel's internal DAC to be better than their separate DAC? If not, was it close? Either way, what was the DAC you had that you preferred or didn't prefer?
I have had a hegel h100 and the hd20 dac. The hd20 was better in every way by a mile compared to the built in dac of the h100. That being said I've upgrade to the h300 and the 300s built in dac again, is better in every way over the hd20. The good news is they all sound great and are great values. Hegel makes some outstanding gear.
Will, thanks for the info....good to know.

Well, I'm only four hours into my "new" Hegel H70 and I am very, VERY impressed. I'm most impressed with the beautiful midrange and tone of the amp. Wow! It has plenty of drive with my 89db, 6ohm speakers. It has amazing detail. I can't believe the air and transparency I'm getting. The sense of musicians in a space and the air moving around their voices or instruments is quite remarkable. All this with using the H70's internal DAC!!! After I get a solid handle on the amp's performance using its DAC, I will use my Metrum Octave and compare it to the H70's.

So far.....VERY PLEASED.
If you like the sound now you'll love it in a few weeks. It takes a good 100-150hrs before the amp really opens up and starts to sing.