Hegel H95, Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 or Naim Atom

I recently moved my Hegel H190 to my LR system, so I am looking for a replacement for my BR system.  The system would be paired with Kef LS 50's speakers and a small Velodyne sub.  The H190 and Kefs sound great together, but does it make sense having two amps of the same brand?  All of these are low powered units, but the reviews indicate no issues with power.  

H95 - the safe choice, assuming similar to the H190 (I also owned an H80 before).  
Lyngdorf - seems to do everything well & has room correction, albeit not sure it is needed. Lyngdorf 2170 gets really positive reviews, and would add diversity from Hegel.
Naim Atom - the lowest powered of the group.  Reviews are favorable and many positive user reviews, seems to be a brand people either love or not. This is also the most expensive.   

Does anyone have experience with one or two of these?  Any thoughts on how they would pair with the Kefs?  Would you have any concerns about reliability or power?  With Covid it is harder to demo and no dealer around me carries all 3.  The Lyngdorf in particular is hard to locate.  

Another option would be to move the H190 back to the BR, and look for a preowned H360 or Lyngdorf 2170 for the LR.  The H190 sounds great in my LR paired with paradigms, so not sure this is really needed   (The H190 was relocated because my Classe Sigma 2200i doesn't have a HT bypass).  Thoughts?  

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H95 can drive LS50 to decent level in my experience. That would seem to me to have more power than the naim, not sure on lyngdorf, but as you know the Hegel has a very rich neutral sound. For me, that was a nice pairing with the KEF.