HEGEL H80 volume question

Ok anybody who saw my question in PC Audio section knows I'm looking for a nice set up to ease back into the audio game but be able to simply use apple iTunes and Music.

I know the comments you can't stop hearing about are the LS50's and I guess Hegel also. I have a buddy who swears buy the set up and I have heard the LS50's and they were fine to my ears with an old B&W OR BW140? AMP and matching preamp although it was a cd playing at a party.

Ok back to the Hegel, is there an issue with the volume? I researched on here and I saw a few people claiming they had volume issues and my buddy also mention about playing with the volume or input volume to get a good low and mid volume.

My question I guess is this due to the amp itself or an issue with the type of volume the amp has? I know that sometimes when I stream music to even my car stereo the volume isn't always correct. Is it because of the Airplay? the type of volume it has? or the actual Hegel that is know for it?

I dont in any way want to throw Hegel under the bus and know questions never disappear on the net but don't want  wind up with something that needs constant fiddling. 

Thanks and appreciate the help.
Ok thanks!! I just wanted to be assured it wasn't a design issue. Every mfg has a bad one and are to be judged how they handle the problem vs the problem itself.
I really struggled with the volume settings on my Hegel H80.  I just never sounded right (I had the KEF LS50s at the time, too).  I was always turning it up or down, sometimes several times during the same song.  Details seemed glossed over, so I'd turn it up, but then a dynamic passage was too loud.  Never got a handle on it.  I demoed a Hegel H200 and had a similar but less severe problem.  It might be the type of volume control, the signal correction technology, the high damping factor, or some combination.  I know many love Hegel, and it gets consistently good reviews.  But for me, it just didn't work.
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Your killing me now. Can it be some sort of input volume?

To be clear does the volume wander or is it that it only has enough mph at certain volume levels?

Can I ask what were you inputting into the amp? or how?

Not sure if you were asking me, but my experience was with an Oppo 105 CD player.  I tried both the unbalanced and balanced inputs.  The balanced seemed a bit better, but I just never got comfortable with the sound.  The volume didn't wander, but it the Hegel sounded either veiled and soft or way too loud, often within the same song.  Couldn't figure it out. Some people never have an issue with it, but there are a few of us who struggled with it.