Hegel H80 and Sonos Connect

No sound when going from coax out of Sonos into the Hegel's coax input, The input works fine when fed by my CDP. Might optical cable work, or what might be the problem. Thanks.
It seems the Sonos is suddenly not working at all. I'm told Sonos and Hegel are compatable.
unplugged and reset the Sonos and all is well. I shouldn't buy gear that needs set up and has a menu. 
Same issue with the 360. We finally figured out the sonos and Hegel puzzle. Coax out or optical out from sonos to coax in or optical in Hegel. Had to switch to fixed versus variable on sonos settings. Fixed provides better sound quality but you cannot use your iPhone to control the volume or eq. Variable required volume on the Hegel to be set at 75 to work but allows use of your eq and volume control. Sound quality on fixed appears better.