hegel h80

who is using that?? please comment norm
Under utilizing and hence my sale of this fine piece... but a tremendous performer. Combined with my Hegel HD11 DAC and Crimson UK Cables to a pair of Penaudio Cenyas... I am thinking I should cancel its sale.

Highly recommended....
hi is the hegel h11 dac a lot better than the internal dac of the h80

thanks norm
I have an H-80 driving Paradigm Prestige 95fs. I like it a lot. It plays like it has twice the rated power and is fairly compact. I compared it to a NuPrime IDA-8 in my system. The IDA-8 is also phenomenal for the money. They were equal in terms of grunt, sound stage, and smoothness, but the H-80 just had a more tube like tonality,and bass control (I have PrimaLuna gear too). With an eye to the future, the H-80 has great source connectivity- 5 digital inputs, plus 3 analogue inputs (two RCA unbalanced, 1 balanced XLR), which opens up more options (especially if you are using a phono preamp/table combo and want to add a DAC). To clarify, IMHO the DAC in the H80 is as good as anything built-in an integrated at any where close to this price point, (maybe even $ X 2), HOWEVER, as digital continues to evolve, I just see digital processing as the area of most rapid improvement for audio in general, (MQA?). My H-80 also has a set of pre-outs, not mentioned in anything I've seen published by the company or reviewers, (including the owner's manual)-puzzling! I emailed the people at Hegel who responded, after some delay, that the pre-outs were indeed, capable of mating with an external amp- bonus versatility.
Sorry didn't realize how old this post was- what is your experience

my hegel h80 does not have a pre out

i wonder if this v1 has any significant difference from the current one

hegel web site never says there   are 2 h80 but they did change the spec a

little bit  //the sound is the point //not the spec

is the new hd12 better than the h80dac???  OR go to the h160??

Based on scant information I would expect a bigger sonic difference between the H80 and H160 than between the DACs in the H80 vs the HD12. In the press Hegel seems to suggest a lot of commonality between their integrated amps and stand alone preamps & DACs , ( again speculation). I have very efficient speakers, but I think with most speakers the higher powered amp would allow for more realistic dynamics and drive. Could you find a shop that has the Hegel line and try to compare them in your home system? Let us know.