Hegel H4SE is mind blowing

Has anyone else heard this amp? Good god, this amp is incredible and I am wondering how this has gone under the radar for so long.

I have been a long time solid state fan always looking for that ultimate expression of iron-fisted bass and control with the smoothness and openness of tubes. Spent many years as a Pass Labs owner, and still love Pass Labs, but I recently had a chance to demo the H4SE against my 250.8 and wound up selling the 250.8.

In short, my speakers have never sounded so good. They absolutely come alive with bass that is earthshaking, while having a delicacy and openness to the soundstage so far unheard. Compared to the Pass, the Pass sounded slow, closed-in and dull in comparison. I know this is a shock to many as I LOVE Pass gear, but the Hegel absolutely is portraying details, layers and soundstage the Pass just could not render. The only other time I have heard a system sound so open and effortless was on tubes, never from a solid state amp. I think this is finally what I can relate the "tube" sound to. Just plain open and effortless, and the Hegel has it. Not to mention the immediacy, the slam, the big brass balls this amp has. My system: Clearwave Symphonia 7.2 with massive upgrades (all Clarity MR caps in high and mids, Clarity ESA everywhere else). Mundorf resistors, foil inductors, upgraded wire.

I had to share this.
Still using Morrow cable? You were high on them..
Thank you for sharing. I had an H30, loved it, sold it for something I thought was better, but realized I made a mistake. I am thinking about replacing it, but the H4SE has been on my mind for a long time. I need to check it out.

You should hear a Devialet 200 you would have the same level of immediacy with great flow and even better bass control and slam with zero noise which is something you have to hear to believe.

The Pass stuff is very good but this shows you that there are other products that also rock.
These days many people are crasy abaut hegel or devialet:)
I am not sure if it is marketing or reality.Better bass than krell?:) Lets say krell fbp 400cx?
Yes to the Morrow cables, still great stuff. For the bass compared to Krell it has significantly better/deeper/tighter and faster than the Krell FPB300cx