Hegel h390 or h20

I I have a Hegel H100 integrated which i want to upgrade. Options are h390 vs used H20 with h100 as a pre. First option is £2000 more expensive but ithas a streamer. I alsohave an h11 seperate DAC.I wonder if someone has an educated quess which way to go. Speakers will be SF olimpica nova ii. Many thx.
Preamps are so important IME.  If the preamp section of the H390 is significantly better than that in the H100 (which I’d guess it is given the price difference) I’d go for the H390 or maybe even a used H360 if it’s more on budget.  Just my 2 shekels FWIW.    
I'm happily using an H160 at the moment, but if I were to upgrade to the $$ level of an h390, I'd probably go for a used Gryphon Diablo.