Hegel H300 vs Naim Supernait 2 vs Modwright KWI200

I'm still trying to find a solid state integrated amp for my AE1 Mk3 SE.

I can tryout the Naim with the local dealer. But there is no dealers for the other 2 brands.

Other suggestions welcome.

Thanks in adv,


Thanks for the suggestion.

Is 60W enough? I forgot to mention the Pass lab INT-150 or 30A.

AX5 is just too much $.

I'm also considering the small Devialet.
I have the Modwright now and recently heard the Hegel in my system.
The MW, at least in my room with my speakers, has more bass and midrange warmth.
Is that good of bad? Matter of opinion I guess.
Hegel's bass not as prominent but tighter, perhaps the high damping factor of the Hegel contributes to this.
Though there is no shortage of treble with the MW I think the H300 has more air.
I really do think it depends on system/room matching and personal preference.
For me, I'm seriouly thinking of trading in the MW for the Hegel because after living with the former for a few months it's not curing some of the issues I had with my previous amp whereas the Hegel seems to
"Is 60W enough?"

Yes. If I thought otherwise I wouldn't have recommended it.
I have listened to Devialet 200. It sounded really bad... Soundstage wide but shallow, lacked openness. Images rather big, bloated, no contours but edges of images dissipate..
The worst were live recordings, they didn't sound like life recordings at all, no atmosphere of the venue etc. but that's related to the mentioned shortcomings. Sound was kind of gimmicky, not natural. I was really disgusted.
Speakers were 15k$ Elac's.