Hegel h300 or Krell S550i or Music Fidelity M6500i

Hegel h300 or Krell S550i or Music Fidelity M6500i, which one should I buy? no time for audition so will go for blind shot?
hi,I respect all of you guys,no body is arrogant ...etc.Actually in 1995 my brother gifted me that music system and was shipped from USA to my previous home country and now I live in USA since 2000, that my system is only in use when I go there for couple of months every year,so that system is still in their original boxes.Those Technics speakers are just like new even today.I know they are not B&Ws and I will replace them of course,Coz now I will buy a amp first (separates or Int. don't know), I have read all the reviews available for all of three amps but was curious to know an opinion for OP who really own them actually, that's why I put this post on Agon. I hope you guys understand. one thing I know that I love music with good sound system. take care bye.
All three integrateds are top notch. I would choose the Hegel but would consider the H200 if you don't need the DAC.
Out of the three, I would go for the Hegel due to such glowing reviews. Outside of that, I go with the one that weights the most and has most features which would accommodate your life style allowing you to grow into it.
Have MFA M6 500i(bought used from Don Better audio) paired with OPPO 105.I'm using Tylo reference monitor and Daber audio monitor 3.Sound's fine with the tylo,amazing with the monitor 3.I have also an peachtree Inova-excellent pairing with the tylo but not with the Daber.
its about matching components...