Hegel H30 vs Merrill Veritas

Anyone had the opportunity to A/B these power plants?  From reading references, and aside from the Class A/B vs Class D differences, they appear to have similar sonic objectives in terms of transparency, frequency balance/consistency, and timbral honesty.   I'm particularly interested in which presents an overall deeper/wider soundstage, and which better retains the meat of its presentation at lower amplitude listening.  I'll have an opportunity to audition Merrill's Veritas next month.  However, have no idea as to a source for a Hegel home audition.  Thanks all ~     
You'll get lots of answers but only you will know how it will sound in your own system, considering all the variables involved (other gear, ancillaries, room, etc.) There's a lot of positive press with Merrill, not so much with Hegel as recently there was a big thread here on A'gon as to their integrity:http://https//forum.audiogon.com/discussions/hegel-is-it-really-made-in-norway?highlight=hegel

To me, it doesn't matter a lick where it's made as long as it sounds good. Listenup.com may have a lending program like musicdirect.com but I'm not certain. Maybe they have some B-stock they can part with for an audition.

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Completely agree, nonoise.  I'm not biased towards its point of origin, only in that its design and objectives compliment my own as a listener. Case in point:  NAT Audio, designed and created in Serbia, produces a tremendous line of SET and push/pull amps, as well as tube tube/hybrid preamps.  In fact, still on my radar in this upgrade hunt.  Thanks for the link re:  Listenup.com - I'll look into this.