Hegel H30 Stereo vs Clayton M300 Monoblocks

Looking for opinions. I've heard them both with Revel Ultima Salon II and both sounded great. Hegel H30 Stereo Mode with a bit more agility and possibly slightly more detail, Clayton M300 with more body, slightly more natural.  Both about $15K retail. All opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

You were fortunate to have listened to both amplifiers driving the same speaker and that’s good. This puts you in a position better than most to form a credible opinion. Based on your description I’d choose the Clayton as it is  fuller and has a more natural character. This would be of higher priority for me rather than the attributes you heard and ascribe to the Hegel. The more "natural " sounding component is the better component in my humble opinion. Natural =more real sounding/realism. This isn’t easy to achieve. There are some audio components that can sound impressive (even spectacular) in a high fidelity sense yet lack the vital sense of naturalness.

The question is which type of sonic characteristics are more desirable and suitable to " your" long term listening happiness? If you crave detail above all else then it seems that the Hegel is your better option amongst these two amplifiers.
Thank you for your response Charles!...pretty much my thinking as well.
The Hegel is a remarkable amplifier, also more quiet at idle, but once the music starts playing the Clayton is the more natural. Interesting topology in bridged class A design that Clayton uses.
Mr. Shen once told me at a show that Nelson Pass wasn't impressed with his topology but sure liked the Clayton sound.
Your opinion is valued...thanks again!