Hegel H30 owners

Anyone care to weigh in on its sonics and dependability? What preamp and speakers are you using with it? Sure seems like a giant killer--if you can say that about a $15K amp.

I heard one at a local dealer last week, as good as anything I ever heard. If I had 15K to spare would have bought it.
I own a Hegel H-30, running one amp as a stereo amp, being used with VAC Phi Beta tubed pre, and Venture Excellence III speakers. Its an amazing amp, it clearly bested my pair of Bryston 28sst's putting out 1000w per side. This amp has great control, finesse, PRAT, bass, and air. At its price point, there is little that beats it. The Constellation, or Jeff Rowland might give it a challenge, but both cost much more. I leave my solid state gear powered up all the time, and love it. Very reliable, built like a tank. I am using High Fidelity ultimate IC's from pre to amp as well, and have an excellent EnKlein power cord on the amp, and it all helps...its very resolving to upstream gear and synergy.
What type of gear do you have, and what amp are you using now, and what else have you auditioned?
Indeed, I heard the H-20 as well.
If I was just starting out and an integrated would work, placement-wise , I'd start with that.
Made even B&W 825's sound good !
My H30 is amazing. Playing it through my Harbeth 40.1's and I absolutely love the sound. Full, meaty tone with tremendous 3D. Slightly sweet top end and articulate bass. Big and wide sound stage with depth. You can not ask for a better value. Unless you really need the power, one stereo amp sounds better than two run as mono amps.
I have paired my Hegel H30 with a VAC preamp and now a Luxman 600 preamp I picked up here on audiogon. I prefer the Luxman preamp with the H30, but miss the built in phono stage in the VAC. The Luxman just seems to work really well as a good sonic pairing.

The Hegel H30 is a terrific amp. It has a 3D/holographic type sound compared to many similarly priced AB amps.

I too have tested H30's in mono and as Robert Harley (TAS) found, one (stereo) is better than two (mono).

As a side, there seems to be a consensus among people I spoke with that the Hegel P30 preamp is not quite up to the level of the amp. Most people suggested I find a different preamp, but I never tested the P30 in my own system - so I can't be 100% sure.