Hegel H200

Any Hegel fans out there to share their views and experiences,
Excellent reviews but I would like to hear from people that are using this amp in their homes.
Considering to purchase this amp this coming week,
Regards to you all.
I have the h-100 and the only problem with it is that's it's not the h-200. The amps sounds fantastic ! Very natural and open, doesn't draw a lot of attention to itself but is still involving.
i am waiting for my H200 in black,
i decided to go black instead of silver that i had on my H100,
you are right the h100 is a great amp.
until you jump to the h200, rarely on sale hegel gear, people tend to stay with them.
Loving my H-30, running one as a stereo amp; as suggested by Robert Harley; don't need the extra watts, or costs of running monoblocks with this great sounding amp...leave it on 24/7, no problems....incredible midrange and vocals, great air, silence between notes...bass is very good, but I'm also breaking in new cables, hope to get more 'growl' on low end in a bit...
Mountainsong. Did you ever get the Hegel H200? If I remember correctly you currently run a Luxman.
I have demo'd the Hagel H4SE twice over the last two weeks. I had never heard of them prior to that.

It is an awesome amp but currently out of my price range @ $10,000. I have not seen any Hagel Amp for sale used although I did see one integrated amp for sale here on Audiogon.

The dealer where I demo'd it handles many lines and he highly recommended the Hagel.

Good Luck
Thanks pkelly. What did you think about the build quality?
My amp search led me to the Hegel H200 and two seperate auditions in my own system,thanks to a local dealer.

It is "very good" and highly recommended,especially at its price point.

My search ended when I auditioned the Hegel H4SE.
I thought all of their equipment was high quality.

I listened to the Hagel amp, preamp and cd player.

The amp was built like a tank, all of the components were very clean in their design and all of the controls had a high quality tight feel.

I had never heard of Hagel and I wish there was more available so I could afford to buy used.

The sound was incredible and the dealer described it as SS with a bit of tube sound.

The only problem was I didn't have the $18500 list price to purchase.
I was going to purchase an H200 unfortunately I didn’t have a nearby dealer and the distributor would not allow the dealer I wanted to buy from to sell to me so I bought something else instead. Aside from the distributor I was very impressed with both the H200 and H100. Very nice sounding units and well made. If you have a dealer nearby I can’t imagine being unhappy with it.
I owned the Hegel H100, excellent!
then I upgraded to the H200, unfortunately I was moved to another hospital during my anesthesia rotations and I have a very small place for a 200 watts amp, I have it for sale on Audiogone new, maybe i will regret by the time i finish the program but still a year to go.
Took me a while to get it black, great look.
Hegel is amazing gear, I am familiar with the brand for the last 5 years.
Looks like you run the Ayon CD5s with the H30. What do you like about the combo and compared to what other amp? Do you use the high or low gain setting? How hot does it run? I have the Ayon CD5s and am thinking about the Hegel H30. Did you hear the H30 compared to the H200 or H4SE Please PM if you rather. Thanks
Gammajo: Good to hear from you. I just spent several hours in a critical listening session of my rig; and I'm enjoying it even more; as I can simply listen to the music; and not focus on the gear anymore. As you know; I have had the MBL 8011's, and Bryston 28sst's running as monoblocks; and thought they made pretty good music. But when I had a chance to audition the Hegel H-30 in my rig; using the VAC phi beta as my current pre; my speakers created a whole new level of musicality...much more openness; detail, decay; nuance, control, sound stage, detail blended with warmth; not at all sterile as some 'hi-fi' rigs can be...I don't use the Ayon direct to amp; as I also blend this as a dedicated 2 channel and HT set up; and need the features of the VAC pre amp. I use the low setting; as I have plenty of power, and the Ayon also generates good signal. I just switched from a balanced IC from Ayon to a rca cable; and I've needed to increase gain a bit on the VAC for same sound pressure levels on low gain setting; but still never gets it above '10' on my VAC volume dial. I leave my Hegel on 24/7, and it never gets above 'slightly warm'. It's been extremely reliable, easy to set up and use; and I feel it compares with amps costing three times the price...running as a stereo unit; and not as mono-blocks; its been an amazing value for build quality and sonic improvement. I heard it also today at the dealer; he uses the matching Hegel preamp; which retails for $7k, but I prefer my VAC..I've not had any chance to compare the H-30 with other integrated Hegel amps; and believe I was one of the first 4 folks in the USA to purchase the H-30. No buyers remorse; great synergy with my Ayon; and my CD's spun on the Ayon sound fantastic, even better than thru my music server. I did try it with Ayon direct to amp; and it sounds just as good, but in my set up, I do need the functionality of a true preamp for source switching, HT by-pass, 12v triggers; and I also run a simultaneous set of output cables from the VAC into my JL Audio 113 sub, and one set of balanced ic's into the amp. Hope that answers your questions. Feel free to pm me if you need more info.
Mrbob Thanks for the detailed response - it really helps when real folks with good ears and good comparison equipment experiences can describe a product as awesome in cogent detail! I was really hoping to get the naturalness and sweetness of a class A sound without the heat. Now I will see if I can determine whether the H-20, H4Se, or H-30 is in my future. Harley say the H-30 is 129 lbs., Hegel website says 99 lbs - do you know which is accurate?