Hegel H20 vs. PS Audio BHK Signature 250 Stereo

Looking to downsize from Halo JC1 monos to a single chassis stereo amp in order to reduce occupied space; speakers are Dynaudio C4s & preamp is Pass XP20. Leaning towards the output bipolars in the Hegel vs. the MOSFETS used in the BHK.
All input greatly appreciated.
" Leaning towards the output bipolars in the Hegel vs. the MOSFETS used in the BHK."

There is no bipolar vs mosfet. Listen to 10 bipolar amps and they sound different. Same thing for mosfet.

Try and find a Theta Dreadnought, series 1 or 2. It should easily sound better than the amps listed above. It's a multi channel amp, so you can use 4 channels and do a vertical biamp.
I fully understand different amps using the same output devices can and will sound different, even when from the same maker. 
I´ve obviously not heard all Mosfet output amps but the ones I´ve listened to extensively (mainly from Pass, Class A and class AB) although enjoyable, striked me as colored. Not to knock Pass (my pre is the fabulous XP20 and their customer service is fantastic, as also is Parasounds.). 
Bipolars can seem less liquid but their control over the bass drivers on my Dynaudio C4s is a welcome asset presenting the music as an organic, integrel & coherent event and the lack of this control results in overbearing, undefined and out of control low frequencies.
Funny you should mention the Dreadnaught as this was on my short list before settling on the JC1s. I was actually after the Citadels at the time but could not afford them. As far as biamping with the Dreadnaught, not possible due to the Dyns having only one set of posts.
Thanks for your input.

Your looking for a really great stereo amp ?  Why not look into the Perreaux Prisma 350 ?  I just bought a brand new one and it's fantastic. First 10 watts class A   350 Wpc & 600 Wpc  into 8 and 4 ohms.  The amp weighs 66 lbs and two pairs of speaker binding post per channel.  It's very hard to beat this amp sound wise at the price and it can drive pretty much any speaker.  Best of luck.
I would also like to add that I did approximately 8 months of very hard research before I decided on the Perreaux. I was going back and forth between Class A/AB and Class D amps.  I was so close to actually purchasing a really good Class D mono amp when the dealer who sold them actually talked me out of it. This dealer was so honest that he just blew me away. He told me almost any Class AB amp will sound better in a high end 2 channel system and it's what I always believed anyway. So, as you might guess, I was after the high power because the speakers I own need it, and I wanted to get away from the high heat of Class A. The Perreaux fits the bill perfectly for me with it's cool running Class AB design. There's not to many stereo amps out there that puts out 600 watts into a 4 ohm load weighing in at 66 lbs and sounds this good with two pairs of speaker binding posts for easy bi-wiring,this is important to me, and sounds this good. You should check Perreaux out on their website, they have a lot of excellent products.
So jc1 by parasound or a Hegel h20 or h360? considering the speakers wouldn't need the 400+watts of the parasounds? I'm currently listening to some ultima salon v1 speakers and really liked what the h360 sounded like with them but have no way to audition the jc 1's without buying a pair.
Owned the h20 ran it on a good num of loudspeakers it was always musical and its weakness would be that with some loudspeakers the bass has a bit over blown with most it just had great control over the woofers its a wonderful amplifier even off it was just right to look at it. But since you have a pass pre why not consider Pass? I've had great luck with pass gear though I did have one x250 output DC and trash a speaker but Nelson himself took care of me and I was made more than whole.