Hegel h20 h4ase or h30

I am a tube amplifiers fan, but i am considering buy an HEGEL power amplifier.
Have any person listen ADN compared the different versions.
I have read that h30 have moré plenty and weight, but i do not know whtasapp model Will be moré plenty warmer And "tubey" sound.
I appreciate your opinions.
Many thanks
I have a Hegel H-30 paired with a VAC tubed pre amp; and love the combination; great sonic density; sound stage, details, fast and accurate. Very good low end; and crystal clear high's. I listen to jazz, vocals, some popular groups; and little to classical. It works well on all genres. I've not had a tubed amp, but perhaps this way you can get the magic of tubes; and the power and reliability of great power amp. Drives any load; I have one amp; running it as stereo unit. Not heard the H-20 or H4.
Good luck, hope my thoughts are useful
Many thanks Mribob,
I am big friend of triode amplifiers , and I have got many tube preamplifiers and amplifiers, and some solid State amplifiers like Pass Aleph ,Musical fifdelity,mcintosh,etc...
One friend of me has suggested to try the HEGEL preamplifiers and amplifiers...
I usually use a high sensibility speakers 97Dbs, then I really do not need a lot of watts, but my friend say thah HEGEL is a really enjoyable sound.
I have read but seems the H30 to be more plenty sound that H20. In this point, I am interested to know if H4ASE is similar plenty sound of H30, or the H30 Is the more pleasant amplifier in the line...
Many thanks again for your help ¡¡
Goldnote Demidoff integrated is one exceptional machine, if you can audition, please do.

Maybe you can check this out, not the one I mentioned, but I am sure nothing less then excellent.

I'm interested in the Hegel amps as well, but before I pull the trigger I'm gonna listen to some Class-A solid state amps that seem to possess some tube-like qualities. Out of curiosity, what Pass Labs Aleph amp do you have and how does it sound? I would think that would be a good candidate for you. If you're using high sensitivity speakers not sure you need all the power of something like an H30. Seems like overkill and you could get by nicely with fewer "quality" Watts. Best of luck.
Hi, Now I have got some tube amplifiers with f2a11, 300b,2a3 and 6c33c tubes, and of course all of that have a very seductive sound, but limited Power. One of my actual favourite preamplifier Was an AUDIO RESEARCH LS5 highly upgraded with teflon signal caps, elna silmic II, nos tubes,etc. I nave gót as well some convergent audio tecnology,naim,counterpoint,svm,audioresearch,conrad johnson,audionote, etc, and tested many moré units like solution,yba,threshold,krell,jadis,and many more.
Concerning SS amplifiers now I have a PASS ALEPH 0s, and their sound is plenty of Power for their only 40w, And i thinking is a really nice unit,but not as seductive of the rest of tube amplifiers i have. In this amplifiers i hace upgraded with v-caps teflon, mundorf,black gates,silver-gold solid wires,etc... Every upgrade was add more and more pleasant sound.
But now i am thinking to go in another way, and once friend has sugested HEGEL p30 ,h30,CDP4a like a simple sistem with seductivo sound, but really i never has listen a hegel products....
I have read very nice reviews of P30 preamplifier, but my doubth is IFE their sound will be similar to the best tubes preamplifiers, or of they can sound moré dry or less seductive as the good tube preamplifiers.
I am interesed in SOlid State sistem because i like to have a simple system without expensive tubes...i have spend a fortune in NOS tubes during lást years, And i fell os the time for go in another direction (SS)....
Many thanks for your help.
Savamy, while Hegel electronics have a very smooth and involving quality, I wouldn't necessarily describe them as sounding like tube gear. They do however avoid many of the undesirable solid state artifacts that some lesser equipment exhibits. Only you will be able to tell if you'd be happy with them as a replacement to the tube gear in your system. I wouldn't suggest relying on other's opinions to make such a decision and if possible try to get a demo in your system.
I agree with Bill. I was able to have an in home demo with the Hegel amp; immediately it bested the pair of Bryston 28sst's I had driving my speakers; with 1000 watts per side. As you know; its not the number of watts; but their quality and construction to allow a low noise floor, to permit the detail and sound stage to flow. The improvement in my case was so obvious and wonderful; I bought the amp on the spot; without auditioning other amps. There is nothing like forming your own opinion if possible; but its getting harder with the demise of quality dealers who have ability of providing this basic test and service.
Good luck with your journey.
Many thanks , i really apreciate your support and experiences.
Mirbob, You hace use the hegel h30 with tube preamplifier...
¿Has you listen the hegel P30 vs VAC.?
Unfortunately, no. I love my vac, and owned it prior to getting the Hegel. I have heard the Hegel amp/preamp combo, and it's wonderful. I just like blending a tubed pre with solid state amp, and the vac has both aes and RCA connections, and HT bypass, which I needed
Took the plunge on a Hegel cdp4a and finally had a chance to listen for a few hours last night.  Very nice machine! Best bass of any cdp I've owned. Involving, musical, and extremely well built. Close to analog sounding with no edge or bite.  Great mid range, big soundstage, it's a keeper!