Hegel H160 buying advice and some tech questions

Hi there. 
I just ordered the newly released peachtree nova150 (expected to ship by end of the month). I am still a bit on the fence. I think I want an integrated that is slightly more "future proof," in particular something that I can add a standalone DAC to down the line (perhaps a year out). I feel the Hegel gives me a more future proof alternative, in that it has balanced inputs for DAC if/when the built in DAC gets long in the tooth (maybe it is already???). Maybe there are some folks here who can speak to the Hegel's quality as integrated (compared to the peachtree gear), in particular the quality of its built in DAC. Much has been said about the amp, but little comparing its built in DAC to other standalone DACs. 
The big question mark for is is with respect to the Hegel's AirPlay and DLNA functionality (I have a Synology NAS on my network loaded with CD rips and some high res in FLAC format). I have my Synology NAS connected to my Airport Extreme router upstairs. My hi-fi setup is downstairs, where my aim is to stream wirelessly to the Hegel. I understand that the Hegel requires a direct connection to a router, but will an extender suffice (like the Airport Express) connected to my LAN? I don't want to drag my modem, router, NAS and all cables downstairs. Nor do I have the option of running an ethernet cable (which would be ideal I know). I want to keep hi-fi setup neat and tidy.
All suggestions and recommendations are appreciated.