Hegel H-160 or Parasound Halo Integrated

Has anyone had exposure to these integrated amps?s Both have a DAC and digital connectivity options, the Hegel having more. My interest at this point is primarily how they compare sonically. The digital options are of value to me, but the sound is of greater concern.
Hopefully someone chimes in who's not only heard both, but heard them through the exact same speakers in the same room. Too many comparisons don't meet that modest threshold, and end up being apples to oranges. I was checking out the Parasound Halo (but haven't heard it) myself so I'm interested in how the thread progresses...
Very interested, also, in this thread. Seriously considering the Parasound, but unfortunately, nobody carries the Halo integrated locally. I've also heard good things about the Hegel. I'll be watching...and reading.
No comparison, the Hegel 160 is a beautiful sounding integrated.
I have heard them with Kef LS50's , Audio physic classic 30's and B&W's
The hegel has great tonality & dynamics the Parasound has an edgy or
a digital sound to it, and falls short in the lower end extension.
What sources and cables were used when you listened to the Parasound Halo integrated?
I'm interested in both integrated amps. Thinking of pairing them with Paradigm Prestige.
BUMP, Anybody who thinks all watts sound the same being vube or class a,a-b, d whatever needs to listen to hegel> I just had the H 360 in my system, I pulled my anthem 225I out and the midrange came alive. At triple the list price you hear the difference easily. I believe once your speakers reach a quality say $4k and above amplifier quality becomes more important dollar for dollar than upgrading speakers. @ $4000 pair of speakers with $4k amplification will out preform a $6k pair of speakers with $2k in amplification in my experience. No cheating the hangman.

what gear, including cabling, is in your system?
I have heard the Anthem 225 on several occasions.

Happy Listening!
I've only heard the Parasound Halo a few times but each time it never left an impression on me.  The few times I heard the Hegel, I kept telling myself his one should stay on the list. The sound was full, clean and natural.  You really need to listen to both and trust your ears.  Too bad it's so hard to find brick and mortar stores that carries this stuff theses days. 
I know this always happens that someone chimes in with an alternative but I can't resist. A friend of mine just purchased a Plinius Hautonga and uses Paradigm Studio 100's. The sound is fantastic! There are two of these units for sale here on the 'gon right now. I have heard both the Plinius and Hegel amps albeit on separate systems. While comparable, I give a slight edge to the Plinius. Good luck.
I've heard both Hegel H160 and H200.  If sound is more important than having the dac, then H200 would be the way to go.  A used H200 is around $2k right now, and I think that's a great deal for a good amp like the H200.