Hegel 80 with either KEF LS50 or KEF R300


Heard Kef is great match with Hegel. Integrated amps. Does anyone have experience with Hegel. and KefLS50 and Kef R300? Currently using Monitor Audio RX6. My speaker cable is Nordost. Purple flare, QB4, Nordost.blue heaven power cords and OPPO 105.

Any suggestions? Also if anyone can clarify if r300 are much better than LS50? My room is 15 x 13ft wood floors.

Thanks in advance
LS50 is the best - both in proportion to the sound and dispersion....Harbeth is also pretty good like PSESR or even the 7ES3.
Hey Morty74;
The LS50 is definitely way more refined than the 300's. More finicky for set up and you'll need power. I've had mine a few months now. FYI..I auditioned the Hegal H160, Simaudio Moon 340i and the Bryston B135sst². IMHO the Bryston was the clear winner. I must say, both the Moon and the Hegal were very good in there own ways but the smoother, silker highs and tighter more controlled bottom end made it no contest. Just a better match to the LS50's. Have fun at this hobby, and be forewarned.....
Cheerio, Doug
If you can afford do get the H160 - it requires about 100 hours of burn in though fascinatingly my brother auditioned it with the Bryston B135 - and Magico S1 speakers and the H160 came out on the top, i feel the LS50 and H80 has a wonderful synergy, we tried it on some PMC speakers the Brystan sounded better, then went to a Ktema Accordo and the Hegel to top again - Hegels are extremely neutral amps!
Hi. Thanks for advice so far. Forgot to mention I own a Bevel 80 already so not looking to change the amp. However more to do with speaker matching. Thanks
Last comment. Darn auto correct - I own a Hegel. 80 already
Morty, the LS50s are excellent as you have probably read - I have mine with the 50 w/ch Arcam A19. The power is plenty (my room is medium, about 14' x 20'). I wanted to check out the Hegel but it does not have a headphone jack, which is important to me. My dealer who sold me the LS50s also recommended Hegel. If you get the LS50s please post a response with your impressions on the pairing.
Will do Jimmy. Actually properly going to get R300 after speaking with a couple of people.
I auditioned both for 6 hours and went with the R300. They sounded very close to each other but the 300 had better bass, sounded bigger and more complete in terms of resolution. Both were stand mounted and used the same amplification. Because I listen to a wide range of music including rock, the 300s seemed to handle that better when demoed. No question that both are good speakers so I think go by what your ears tell you.