heeeelp please audio reserch 5SE - resistor blew up

i just installed a 6550 in my audio research 5SE and one resistor blew up  just underneath the V5 tube and between the 6h30 smaller tube.on the left there is a black resistor

thank you very very much
Take it to a tech for repair 
Will it void any warranty if not a ARC tech?
Will it void any warranty if not a ARC tech?
Not if it is done properly. But if it is under warranty, why not return to the dealer or ARC for service?

its not under warranty it was fixed in the audio research .i want to try to fix it here because i think that only thing that was burn is that resistor.
i dont know the value .is there any way to attach a  pic here

thank you

 Bring it to the ARC dealer even if you didn't buy the unit from him. He will have the proper resistor and can fix it. He will charge you very little if anything. My dealer has never charged me. The dealer can also check to make sure that there are no other problems.

If you just want to fix it- just look at the next tube socket, find the corresponding resistor and use the same value.

However, only one thing caused that resistor to burn out: current.
Which probably was due to the tube. So whatever you do, change that tube.
Audio Research, unlike years before, will not respond to you.

The local dealer will fleece you.

The trusty local tech will tell you the unit is damaged beyond simple repair and it will be 10 bench hours at 100/h.

Just replace the damn resistor yourself and replace that single offending tube.
Audio Research will respond to you just fine. Just got an email back from them few hours ago.
i want to change the resistor but i dont know the value.
the other tubes are different so i dont know if the value of that resistor is the same like others.
there is only one 6550 tube and the other are 6h30.that why i a looking at someone that have the ref-5SE and send me a picture .my mail is : [email protected]
thank you all very much guys

Contact ARC and send them a picture, they will you what you next move should be. If they identify the resistor, they may (a) tell you the probable cause or (b) give you the right part number and send the correct OEM resistor. Question: did you purchase the 6550 from them. 
ARC is very responsive

get a new tech IF they quote you ten hours

the NOS Tung Sol 6550 is a killer tube in the 5 se.......Andy at Vintage Tube can help you w that and test that 6550 for you....do NOT reinstall it before testing..

Its not the big 27kOhm that blew. It’s the 1k grid resistor to the 6550 pass element. OP sent a pic to me.

"New old stock" 6550. Members with no tube testers at home are at a HUGE disadvantage. Yes! Test before install is always a good idea but OP may not have access to a tube guy. Using NOS tubes in regulators is one of the dumbest ideas I know.


hope your fix is a simple one. The Ref5SE is a honey of a tubed pre-amp.

Happy Listening!

I have a tube tester at home and source my NOS Tung Sol from probably the most reputable guy on planet with awesome test gear Andy at Vintage tube
... your results may vary

IF you can’t hear the difference a NOS Tung Sol make in the power supply of a REF5se you need to upgrade your system, your hearing or both
stop by Seattle and we can swap in 4 nice NOS or the factory tube see how ya do......

enjoy the music.....
I also trust Andy to test NOS regulators and rectifiers. Using Tung Sol in two Audio Note components. T-S recommended by the designer.
But let’s ignore all that and focus on REF 5se or any other tube preamp above let’s say $10 K

invest in a spare set of tubes, Factory if you desire
and a decent tube tester

both of which pale in comparison to your initial investment.....

and DHL services most of the planet, why not get that 6550 tested or replaced before installation?

Yea some people can hear the difference in regulator tubes.  I can't and you need not show me.  We are all here to try to help the OP revive his line stage.  I have had it repairing gear that's been "NOSed" by snake oil merchants.  Audio Research, Sonic Frontiers, you name it.  But too many people just get talked back into it after and after a month or two they call me again.
hey guys

thank you all
i found my problem on the 5SE , there where 4 zener diode on the other side of the board that was open .
after replacing them the pre amp works.
i have a question  for you , i found that when i swutch from balance to rca , and there is no rca interconnect is plug in i can ear music that is very low . is that ok ?
and another thing , i put a new set of 6h30 and 6550 from sovtek
and the sound is bad , does the tubes in break in before it start to sound right
thank you
Unless the amp is noisy give the tubes some time to break in. If it's noisy then you probably got a bad tube. Also if you hear something through the speakers when tapping on the preamp chassis you've got a microphonic tube. It happens no matter what the sellers tells you. Most will swap them out for you. That's when you know you got a good dealer.

My experience with ARC is that they were designed and voiced around the Russian tubes so it shouldn't sound that bad.
Did you turn off the power before installing the 6550?
I had an ARC which needed service.  I had to send it to the factory...to repair it required special tools and jigs