Heed Obelisk Si

Anyone have or have heard the Heed Obelisk Si integrated amp? How does it sound? How about the upgraded X2 power supply?
The Vinyl Anachronist website has a review of both.
Thanks Ghasley. I already did read that article. I was hoping to get some more feedback from A'gon users. I am thinking about buying one but I have to do it sight unseen and unheard. So the more opinions the better.
There's a great review with reat photos up on DigitalAudioReview dot net. I think like Marc fron Vinyl Anachronist, John from Digital Audio Review has great taste in unique gear and music.

Heard it on a hifi shop (without the upgraded power supply) it has a well balanced presentation, grainless, smooth and detailed.
is there further update on the Heed Obelisk Si ?