Heco The New Statement and Celan lines

Hey everyone. Had a few chances to audition  Heco The New Statement in three setups and was totally blown away by the sound and what you can get for the money. Forget the MSRP, talk to your dealer, pressure hard  and work out a good deal -
I was able to negotiate a 3500 price for a set. NOTHING can come even close. Hi-Fi is my job, so I try to audition as many pieces of gear  as I possibly can. And these are absolutely amazing. Go and audition them.. You will not be disapointed. Also, to fully reveal their potential, they need true bi-amping. I've had the best luck with four Exposure 3010SE  monoblocks - they are relatively inexpensive, yet provide outstanding sound.  Pair them with 3010SE preamp  ( which has double outputs - just what you need for 4 monoblocks ) and you get an amazing system, waiting for a great source. I will not be desribing the usual attributes such as soundstage and everything....They are amazing. But what is quite particular to their sound is bass - it's very authoritative yet soft.. I don't even know how to describe it. It's like it's not just a mere punch but has layers of it with great LF extension.  Some people, who prefer  hardcore bass of Dynaudio may not like it... But it sure will find it's fans , as it is more refined and informative. 
Not sure if they are present in the US ( I am overseas ) but if they are - do give them a listen.. They are really worth it. 
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