Heavyweight for an Audioquest tonearm

I am looking for a Heavy counterweight for my AQ PT-9 tonearm. I think Expressimo used to make them. I am using a ZU Audio DL-103 cartridge, and the stock counterweight won't work on it's own. I added several brass washers to the stub and that helps, but the counterweight still is all the way back. I need more weight. Anybody have any ideas? Shawn
I am in need of the same thing for my rig. I have a PT-6 with a Denon 103 with a Isokinetic stabilizer.the stabilizer makes the Denon mount much better due to it's threaded mount holes vs. the nuts and screws.The stabilizer adds 4 grams to the mass and makes the stock counterweight position outside of the intended range.
If Empressimo still makes this I need it.