Heavy Metal Anyone?

In my opinion, the best musicians are heavy metal musicians. Jazz is easy, ine note at a time, doomboombooppettiboop, but, can any of thos jazz dudes do what the heavy metal bassist do, or guitarists, or drummers? And , it's easy to test a system using jazz with simple vocal tracks, test systems with Heavy Metal. If it works with metal, it will work well in general. 

Anyone agrees with me? 

Note, no disrespect to jazz, classical lovers . I listen to a lot of jazz, blues, classical and especially early music. 
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Is your source on Mark Knopfler, Roy Clark, or Chet Atkins the same as your source on Djanggo Reinhardt, who died in 1953, just a bit before the introduction of Heavy Metal?
Don't worry though. I used to believe what I heard, especially when it coincided with what might likd to believe.  It is an easy habit to break. 

There has been many bands whom have been called metal, look at the old Grammy thing, or some past music reward ceremony,.when Jethro Tull won best heavy metal song?

not metal.

look at that Def Leppard band, I’m not a huge fan, their early ep and first three records were very influential to the NWOBHM sound, then they went pop rock, and that is all, they have been a pop rock band since, and have made a $hit of money.
 One of my wife’s fav bands.

My huge peeve the past 25 or so years, and currently is the 819 genres given to metal:

 There are too many to list, my brother/sister rivethedz know the drill.
drives me nuts.

  When I was young, it was all under one huge umbrella called HEAVY METAL, that is all.

Wow. I locked up a lot of great names for me to check out. 

George Gobel
Ron Carter
Herb Ellis
Nita Strauss
Buddy Rich
Dave Lombardo
Mel Torme
Amd more

Cool idea for a thread. Jazz drummers were the original Heavy Metal drummers. Another +vote for NWOBHM. 

Happy Listening!
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