Heavy Metal Anyone?

In my opinion, the best musicians are heavy metal musicians. Jazz is easy, ine note at a time, doomboombooppettiboop, but, can any of thos jazz dudes do what the heavy metal bassist do, or guitarists, or drummers? And , it's easy to test a system using jazz with simple vocal tracks, test systems with Heavy Metal. If it works with metal, it will work well in general. 

Anyone agrees with me? 

Note, no disrespect to jazz, classical lovers . I listen to a lot of jazz, blues, classical and especially early music. 
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Yes sir!
  Grew up on the NWOBHM stuff from this one seller at a local flea market, had a box of tapes, and I would buy one every week.
  I cut my teeth on venom, spartan warrior, tank, Raven, crossfire bitch, Mercyful fate, Bathory, I would always look for the fastest band I could find.
once the early mid 80’s thrash hit my ears, I was in love. Never looked back. Still listen to metal daily. I have to have it, it’s what keeps me going.

cant express how much I love metal, it’s in my blood.
always will be.

Punk/New Wave rock songs often move at considerably quicker tempos than metal music. So can classical and jazz music. Yeah, Heavy Metal guitar players can play quick successions of notes but their licks are largely confined to simple patterns that are within the normal span of the fretting hand and that often don’t require more than two or three fingers to negotiate.

Classical players also excel at the surprisingly difficult task of playing at extremely slow tempos. Classical players are able to be comfortable within (and constantly shift among) key signatures, something that would drive any rock-and-roller, of whatever genre, utterly nuts.

True, heavy metal playing takes stamina and a considerable ability to withstand insanely loud sound levels. The guy who called the profession of rock "going deaf for a living" really got it pegged. I also have to say that I’ve played in my share of genres through the years (mostly on guitar), and that it’s a total blast to do metal. But in terms of sheer musicianship, heavy metal artists are, at best, in the middle of the pack.
Its true. Django Reinhardt tried his hand at heavy metal, but found it too technically challenging and so had to make do with French jazz. Chet Akins and Roy Clark floundered as well. Mark Knopfler nearly made it, but decided why work when you can make your money for nothing, and your chicks for free?