Heavy Duty Binding posts for Krell KSA 250

Looking to find out if any folks out there have found and installed a more robust binding post for the older Krells, like the KSA 250. Hopefully without any modifications to the amp. The stock plastic post used on that amp does not really accommodate today's larger spaded speaker cables all that well. Any suggestions are appreciated!
Change the binding posts and you will change the sound. What you are attempting to do is backwards anyway. Find a spade to fit your amp not the other way around.
The WBT's come to mind but they are very expensive. Cardas makes them as well as a few other cable manufacturers. You will either need a tech to do it or be very handy with a soldering iron.
But there's a limit to everything. It only has to be adequate. Stay away from Chinese aluminum garbage. Audio Note makes very inexpensive gold plated 5 ways with good weight that will probably at least match your stock Krell's.
The Cardas ones are just beautiful, however the shaft size is larger than the stock ones and so the buss bar hole diameter would have to be increased a bit. Not that big a deal, but I was hoping that there might be something out there as nice as the Cardas yet require a little less work.
"The better the binding posts the better the sound."

Not always, especially when the equipment is voiced with specific products. Changing something as simple as a binding post came have a huge affect on tonal balance.
I seriously doubt that. There's no way the engineer who designed an audio circuit stipulated a particular binding post in order to maintain it's performance parameters. That's ridiculous. Except maybe to expect decent quality accessories.
Rrog thanks for your feedback, but I If I do decide to go with the Cardas, I am not too concerned with the sound degrading as a result of using these super high quality binding posts. If anything, it may actually improve due to the increased purchase area and the use of top notch materials in the Cardas.
Csontos, I must say you are being totally rude and basically calling me a liar. When I post a comment here it is based on experience not a guess like many of you here. In my opinion the KSA 250 is one of the best sounding amplifiers ever made. Do you think it was an accident? These amplifiers were voiced from their inputs to their outputs to have the best quality sound and the proper tonal balance. Tonal balance is a very delicate thing to get right and you think it is ok to screw it up because the OP bought speaker cable with the wrong spades.

That's ridiculous!
You can say whatever you want. Doesn't mean I'm going to buy it. Maybe when the op discovers his Cardas posts are horrible he'll send them to you at a discount. But I seriously doubt that.
I don't care whether you buy it or not, but when you don't know what you are talking about you should keep quiet. The fact remains the problem is not the amplifier. The OP purchased cables with the wrong spades and now he wants to modify the amp. It's like buying wheels and tires for your car and when you find out they don't fit quite right you decide to change the hubs instead of getting the right wheels. It's ass backwards thinking and you agree with it.
If you were the op, I might consider it. If you were the op, you might know what happens when you assume too much. But I seriously doubt it.
Badnixie, All binding posts have a sound, so do spades. Some are more pronounced than others. I will give you an example. I owned speakers with very small and hard to access binding post, so, I purchased these big beautiful WBT binding posts. They were huge gold binding posts. They looked like audio jewelry and they didn't even require soldering. Instead each binding post had a set screw to secure the wire. When tightening the binding post there was no concern for twisting because it tighten straight with no rotary motion against the spade or bare wire. I knew these were going to be an improvement. Instead they completely destroyed the sound. With these new connectors the bass was totally gone and the music was lifeless. I reinstalled the original binding posts and the sound was restored. Since then I have experimented with numerous spades, bananas, RCAs, XLRs etc. and I have found all connectors affect the sound. None of them were equal to bare wire. Some are brighter, some are duller and some dramatically change the bass or highs not to mention the affects of soldering. So, if you decide to change the binding posts on your KSA 250 and decide to sell it because you don't like the way it sounds anymore please disclose the modification so I can be sure to avoid purchasing it.
Isn't there a Canadian forum you can inflict yourself on? What about the canuckaudiomart a? Maybe you can go there and insult people.
Binding posts with screw-down installation on bare wire can't help being inferior. Just because it will be impossible to gain intimate contact with the wire. Soldering the tips of the wire strands will help but at the microscopic level, you will invariably confirm no contact at all, just arcing to greater or lesser degrees. You can tighten them with pliers and in a week they'll be so loose you can tighten further by hand. Zero consistency in listening tests. The ultimate post is no post at all. Hence, spades and bananas should be soldered to the wire while simultaneously being crimped. I use large channel lock pliers. Now since you do have intimate contact, I would dare wager you'd never hear the difference from one post to another.
Rrog, what specific model WBT posts did you try ? Did you properly crimp WBT copper sleeves to the ends of the wires with a WBT crimping tool before attaching the assembly to the posts with the set screws ? I have done a number of binding post upgrades to WBTs and never encountered loss of bass or other negative effects.
In the case of KSA-250/150, no soldering, set screws or wiring are used. The binding posts bolt directly to output "Buss" bars within the amplifier.

Not hard at all to change for any reasonable electronics technician, but not something I'd recommend to a non electronics person. Those KSA Series amps had very little if any bleeding of the power supply caps, even when unplugged for days these amps could knock you on your butt, or worse!
Gbart, you beat me to it! proper use of the WBT binding post type for set-screw to wire, should use the WBT crimp sleeves. I've used these and they work extremely well.
Response from the OP:

My..Mr. Rrog..arent we a condescending SOB! Maybe you should ask questions before making assumptions. But, oh, no that might be the prudent thing to do and if you did that you might not be able to justify your pompous rant. FYI. I did re-spade my EXISTING Cardas cables specifically for this amp, in other words, went to a smaller spade, Mr. smarty pants! If you had any experience with this amp whatsoever you would KNOW that the plastic stock posts are very basic and do not lend themselves well to some of today's heavy duty cables. But Cardas Golden Reference are amazing sounding speaker cables and I'm not about to give up on them! There may be some truth to what you say about the potential for the sound changing ( just doubtful how much and might it just be for the better) And as Mr. Rayooo says (BTW this gentlemen seems very knowledgeable about Krell amps as am I since I have had owned Krells since the late 80's) these are not difficult to change as long as you have some electromechanical expertise. Just so happens I do! The nice thing about these Krells is they have 2 sets of binding posts per channel and my plan is to change the top set and leave the bottom set in tact. And we'll just see what happens to the sound! If I don't like it, I'll go back to stock. Is that OK with you Mr Rrog?? Hmmm? Jeeesh!!
Badnixie, My comments were not directed at you. It was a discussion between me and Csontos. We are ok with it, too bad you aren't.

Whatever I type here is my opinion and it is still my opinion that changing binding posts is no different than buying the wrong wheels for your car and changing the hubs to make the wheels work. Then trying to convince me your car might handle better. I wouldn't be surprised that Krell selected those not so special looking binding posts because they contain less metal than some of the more robust looking binding posts. All binding posts have a litle different sound as do all connectors. I just happen to be a stickler for wanting to hear stereo equipment the way it was intended to be heard. I liked the days when Audio Research hard wired their power cords. Do you know why they did that? Because it is a better connect. Too bad they buckled to the pressure of reviewers and dealers to install IEC sockets even though they know better.
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