Heavy Center Channel Wall Mount

So I just got a center channel (finally), and it weighs 25 lbs. I have my 37" lcd wall-mounted, and I need to do a wall-mount for my center channel (preferably right above the TV). It is a very nice center channel, and has no hardware (recessed bolt holes or anything like that), so I need it on some kind of clamp/harness system so that the channel will be securely held, but the speaker won't be drilled into or otherwise modified. I would also like to be angle it downward since it will then be about a foot from the ceiling. I can't find anything, and I would rather have something a little more secure than a bookshelf (not very secure) as I sleep right below the speaker and TV (I live on the edge in a small studio apt.). The speaker is 22" x 10" x 8" (no ports). Thanks in advance, I want this thing set up ASAP!

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I was looking for the same, for my center channel and surrounds. My B&W center weighs some 30 lbs, and I was going to use 40 lbs monitor speakers for the surrounds.

I had to scrap the plan because I couldn't find anything aesthetically pleasing, and also functional. I ended up going with in-wall Paradigm. The center channel is now sitting on the top of the rack instead of being wall mount below my plasma.

For center channel I was going to use Omnimount MWFS series. They have glass shelves, and there is no strap. The speaker would be just sitting on the glass shelf mounted on the frame mounted on a stud. I don't sleep under my plasma, so I don't have to worry too much about securing the speaker.

And for the surround I was going to use something like Omnimount ETV13 or TVM13. They are designed to hold 50 lbs CRT TVs. You'll have to come up with your own strap to secure the speaker on the shelf though.