Heavy Center Channel Wall Mount

So I just got a center channel (finally), and it weighs 25 lbs. I have my 37" lcd wall-mounted, and I need to do a wall-mount for my center channel (preferably right above the TV). It is a very nice center channel, and has no hardware (recessed bolt holes or anything like that), so I need it on some kind of clamp/harness system so that the channel will be securely held, but the speaker won't be drilled into or otherwise modified. I would also like to be angle it downward since it will then be about a foot from the ceiling. I can't find anything, and I would rather have something a little more secure than a bookshelf (not very secure) as I sleep right below the speaker and TV (I live on the edge in a small studio apt.). The speaker is 22" x 10" x 8" (no ports). Thanks in advance, I want this thing set up ASAP!

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I went to all those websites, and none of them have what I'm talking about. Omnimount does have some neat stuff, but still, nothing that works for me. Nothing even close. I don't want to have to build something!
Just to add closure to this, I picked up a 13" Peerless CRT TV mount for $14 off of PartsExpress.com. I was going to buy it elsewhere until I remembered PartsExpress. Awesome. Why doesn't some company market CRT racks as center channel speaker mounts? Seems like an unfilled niche to me.