Heatshrink on Audioquest speaker cables

I have just acquired some Audioquest Midnight speaker cables which appear to have been single wired professionally by an Audioquest dealer ie heatshrinks grommits etc. I am looking to have them re-terminated into a bi-wire configuration, but can't find anyone in the UK that will do this. I therefore propose to do it myself, but I'm not sure how to remove the heatshrink - it looks firmly moulded onto the wires! Also, as far as splitting the wires is concerned, I'm assuming that I will require 5 black wires plus all the red and white ones for the bass and the remaining two black and grey wires for the treble. Can anyone advise please? (Can't email Audioquest as apparently my mail server is blacklisted!)
Use a box knife or very sharp knife and carefully slice the shrink tubing lengthwise to remove it. I've done this with several Audioquest cables but not the Midnight. All of the AQ cables I've reterminated had the individual wires labeled as treble or bass. I will say twisting the solid wires together is more difficult than with stranded cables. Good luck.
Thanks, I'll give it a try!