Well it's over. I am losing my dedicated listening room. It wasn't the best, small, clutterd with equipment, cables, cd's, tools, etc. you know what I mean. But damnit it was mine, my sanctuary, my favorite place. So many, many evenings with a glass of wine, Eva, Norah, Kasey, Natalie, Diania... to many to mention them all and the warm friendly glow of the tubes to keep me company. Well for now it's over. Tonights my last night. Then I move my beautiful system out to the... well it dosen't matter. ENJOY and be thankful for what you have, for you never know when you will lose it. Now I am going to listen.

Butch...do you have a real woman? :-)
Now Zaikesman, do you really think this is the moment? (-;
Butch, pick up courage, all that is lost can be regained.
(I don't mean the ladies,that too of course can be regained, real or not, I mean the room!!!!)
Ouch... I hope that whoever is moving INto the room can *somehow* alleviate the pain! Stiff upper lip, old chap & remember Detlof's words!
remember: no matter how bad life gets - there's always beer.
Are you sure that you can't lose the wife instead?
I say move your system to the bedroom. When she sees that you pay more attention to the system than her, maybe she will have you move it back!
Yes Zaikesman, heck I even let those girls choose the music most nights! Why do you think I am going to miss it so much ;-). FatParrot I am going to partake it what you often reccommend and ponder that very question! Did have the beer, many, and did pick up the room. Thanks everyone. Am still blubbering like a baby but am getting some new ideas!
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