Heart CD6000?

I've been picking up a lot of chatter about this "the other" Dutch tube-modified Marantz CDP (the other being the Ah!Tjob which, I have to admit, I own). I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the right direction to find out more. I've found the site in Holland with Dutch pricing (which is a 2x what I had heard) and was hoping that there might be a distributor State-side. Any coordinates, pointers, or experiences would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
Many people at www.AudioAsylum.com are using the Heart and all of them must have bought them somewhere!! Do a search of the Digital Asylum there. You will get the info. you seek.


The American distributor is Frank Stuppel who can be found at www.fsaudioweb.com.
Reviews are at TNT and enjoythemusic on the Heart cd6000. Apparently the use of the 7308 tubes[ replacing the stock tubes] elevates this player into something special. The Tjoeb 4000 is supposed to have a 24-192 version coming out.....don't know when....
That does the trick. Thanks.