Heart 6000 Owners

Recently purchased a Heart 6000 player. Any owners have player that have trouble reading Warner Bros' CD's?

I get an error message when I try to advance tracks. I've noticed that this only occurs with Warner Bro disk.

I've had the same issue also with some of my older Harry Connick cd's and some of my CD-R's. It just won't read them. When it does read them, it constantly skips and becomes irritating. I've put the same cd's in my clock radio, Aiwa boombox, Sony DVD player and my car stereo and no problems with the same cd's.

I've talked to Frank from FSAudioWeb about this and he gave me the run around. His explaination with the Harry cd's is due to the origin of the pressing. He said he knows there are issues with cd's being pressed from Australia and some of the Asian countries. To me this does not make sense because I have never heard of cd players being region specific. Only DVD players are. To me, it sounds like a transport problem. I can understand that it may have issues with CD-R, but these days every player can read them.

I love this cd player, but this small issue is starting to become annoying. Even my other audiophile friends have criticized the player. In their opinion, for the amount of money that I shelled out for this thing, it should be able to play any cd especially if my $20 clock radio can play the same cd. And I agree. I'm starting to consider other cd players due to this.