Hearing/Tinnitus FYI (caveat emptor)

     If this has been mentioned previously, on this site: I missed it:





@noromance -

                                             Good point!

     I have noticed this, as I very often cook with either Reapers or Scorpions:


                                               But, then:


     So: the hot stuff can also be beneficial, to protect one's hearing.

     I love and embrace the most intense effects, as well as the slightest, most elusive nuances of both music and cuisine; SO: I avoid the really spicy stuff, on days I run/mix sound, or plan to do any serious listening.   

                  Thus far: that balance has been working for me.  

                          (Better listening through Chemistry?) 

It's weird and unpredictable for me. I choose not to eat spicy food due to a sensitive stomach from too much wine and Belgian Quads over the years. On the rare occasion I do, I sometimes experience no side effects, neither gastric nor tinnitus related. Yet other times, it's increased ringing for a few days. Interesting write-up on cannibinoid receptors. 

Everyone reacts to medications differently

The same for foods.

I ingest copious capsacin and have never noticed any correlation. Thanks for the heads up.



      Any chance that, "increased ringing" could be related to, or magnified by, something you've eaten, along with the, "rare occasion" spicy foods?

      Food allergies can cause a wide variety of symptoms and prove hard to pinpoint, without a bit of detective work.




                       Happy and (hopefully) better listening!

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     As with anything else, in this life/hobby; the variables are manifold.


                       Everyone reacts to medications differently

                                           The same for foods.